Jun 18 , 2018

5 Best Hair Extension Products

Simple hair extension care involves gentle brushing and truly limited washing, but there are a few products that aid in your quality luxury extension care.

Dry Shampoo

One of the most important hair extension care products is dry shampoo. In order to avoid oiliness and noticeably greasy hair at the roots, a dry shampoo will do wonders. Look for a dry shampoo like that is keratin infused. Keratin is a protein that helps your hair growth cycle move faster, helping you regenerate hair and aiding your real hair in growing to the lengths you want it to be. You should also look for a dry shampoo that is paraben free, chloride free, and sulfate free—basically free of any “filler” ingredients that make the product potentially damaging to color treated hair and real hair extensions. Finally, look for a dry shampoo that is talc free so there is no visible white residue on darker hair.

Heat & Shine Treatment Spray

Moisture Hydrate & Heat Protectant Spray If you heat style your hair extensions, you care for them the same way you care for your real hair. In order to keep extensions healthy, you can offer a heat protectant treatment spray that’s intended for application before heat styling. This will lock in the cuticle and leave it less vulnerable to heat damage.

Leave In Conditioner

As you care for your extensions, you’ll want to shampoo and condition your hair less than you would you didn’t have extensions. The bonding tape that secures tape in your extensions can wear down and fall off if you over-wash. It’s important to use dry shampoo and conditioner during this time. Some women will use hair extensions to give their hair a break from heat styling, giving them more of a satisfactory style via length and weight without curling or straightening. Leave in conditioner is an excellent complement to this process.

Hair Extension Shampoo

Of course, every 3-4 days you will want to shower and wash your hair. Depending on the oiliness, hair may be noticeably greasy or stringy. When you do shower, you should be sure to use a gentle shampoo that’s specially formulated for hair extensions. Be sure to use a lightweight and gentle formula.

Detangling Brush

The brush that you use while you have tape in your extensions is essential. It is recommended that you use a wet to dry detangling brush to provide gentle detangling of real hair and extensions.