Mar 06, 2017

A healthy lifestyle is beneficial to many aspects of beauty. Hair and scalp health are at the top of this list. Healthy hair comes from the inside out. Using serums, oils, the right shampoos and minimal chemical styling are not the only ways to keep hair healthy. For fuller, healthier hair, pick up a healthy diet and an overall healthier lifestyle. Food and drink intake can really impact hair growth.

Vitamins & Minerals

Without the proper vitamins and minerals, the techniques and products applied to hair will not work. Dry, brittle or thinning hair may not always be a sign of bad products or heat damage. Diet plays an enormous part in the appearance of hair. This is not to say only the healthiest of those will have nice hair. Indulging in sweets and the occasional fried food are perfectly fine. The right balance of a healthy diet and the right products will produce lovely luxurious hair with volume, shine and length.


The building block of hair is composed of protein. This protein, Keratin, needs nutrients and nourishment to thrive. Since hair is made up of protein, it may be obvious that supplying the body with protein can aid in a healthy head of hair. Healthy proteins can be found in chicken, fish, eggs, legumes and nuts.


Biotin, a type of vitamin b is essential to the strength of hair. A diet lacking in biotin can cause weak hair prone to breakage. This water soluble vitamin can be found in foods containing whole grains as well as egg yolk. Biotin can also be purchased as a daily supplement. Many over the counter hair vitamins also have high levels of biotin.
Since biotin is water soluble, it is important to get the proper amount of H2O for healthy hair. Water provides nourishment and stability for every cell on the human body, hair cells not excluded. A dehydrated body can also mean dehydrated hair. 6 Glasses of water a day is the minimum requirement for adequate water intake but the more the better.
Omega 3
A diet rich in Omega-3 is also great for healthier hair. Omega-3 is a fatty acid found naturally in many foods. This fatty acid is beneficial to scalp health. Omega- 3 can be found in foods such as salmon, pumpkin seeds and avocado. Like biotin, Omega-3 can be purchased in over the counter supplements and vitamins. Diet & Exercise clip-in extensions An overall healthy lifestyle including balanced meals and regular exercise will benefit hair in multiple ways. Hair will grow faster, have a natural sheen, and a healthy thickness noticeable by all. While on a healthy hair journey and a path to a lifestyle change, there are ways to achieve healthy hair looks. Full volume hair extensions, clip-in extensions and wigs are a great way to add body and length to hair while waiting on hair to naturally level up. They can also add an extra level of protection to your recovering hair by preventing sun damage, lengthening time between trips to the salon for color treatments, and taking the hit from damaging hot tools for your natural hair. These tools are low on hair manipulation which allows time for hair to not only grow but retain every inch.