Aug 19, 2018

Flat hair? If it is raining outside, then you have a great excuse on which to blame your ‘flat’ hair on. The truth is, that most of the time, there is no excuse to blame your flat hair on. It, like thinning hair, is growing concern, if the sheer number of products on the market products are any indication. Most of us want some extra volume, and it can be added in many simple ways.

customizable hair extensionsHair Extensions

You can utilize customizable hair extensions for both body and length. One of the first steps for adding volume rather than length would be to ensure that the extension is completely color-matched to your natural hair color. This ensures that the extension blends in as naturally as possible for the purposes of volume. The best way to clip the extensions for volume is to clip them on at angles just a few inches from the hairline not just straight across. Another tip is to tease your hair before you clip on the extension. This helps ensure that the extension doesn’t fall out and also helps hide the clip in extension itself.

Washing Routine

If hair volume is your issue, then you should be using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. It is important to quickly dry your roots with the product. Hair designers will tell you that if you don’t apply a volumizer or take the time to dry your roots from wet to dry you, will never achieve that volume or add ‘lift’ back in. You must dry the roots because the only way to truly manipulate the roots with a product that you choose is to do so while the roots are wet. It is important to use a mousse or a ‘root lifter’ - anything that will help to starch up the hair.

Adding Mousse

Add additional mousse to the lengths of your hair. When you blow dry your your hair, it makes your strands huge, which adds volume. After you add the additional mousse be sure to blow dry your hair as normal. Also, you can use some hot rollers on what is called the ‘mohawk’ section of the head to get that lift at the root of the hair. It can also help at times to put a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer and then blast the rollers with heat to create volume and then to immediately blast it with cold air to ‘set’ the hair.

The Extras

While customizable hair extensions, mousse, root lifters, and such can indeed add volume to your hair, it is a good idea to talk with your hair stylist or doctor about hair supplements for regrowth. Consult your hair stylist or doctor as you don’t want just any product. It is important to nourish your hair from the inside-out.