Mar 02, 2020

Benefits Of Clip In Extensions

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection offers high-quality clip in extensions that any woman can feel confident in! Lauren Ashtyn is the daughter of a hairstylist, so she knows the impact a good hair extension can make on a person’s look. We use hair extensions to create a temporary look, cover the effects of hair loss, or even simply to add a little volume to thinner hair.

No matter the reason, we have all the information you need about hair extensions so you can choose the best option for you.

Clip In Extensions Gaining Popularity

Clip in extensions are so popular because of their simplicity. They are fairly inexpensive compared to other types of hair extensions and are easy to apply. Women love the fact they can change their look within minutes.

Thanks to additional technology and knowledge of human hair, there are now extremely healthy-looking human hairpieces that are made from 100% real human hair. The cuticle stays intact, which protects the hair strand. This is why Remy extensions are the most popular in the world right now. We exclusively sell Remy here at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection for this reason.

Clip In Extensions Safer Than Glue

Using glue and other harsh chemicals with heat can possibly cause damage if not done properly and not removed in a safe way. The biggest mistake people make is getting a strand-by-strand extension job only to end up pulling out the extensions in a painful and unsafe way. That is sure to cause long-term damage.

Clip in extensions are best, ensuring ease to properly apply and remove the extensions. They are the safest way to go.

Clip In Extensions Less Painful Than Sew-Ins

Another popular method of getting hair extensions is the semi-permanent sew-in option. This is a very natural look that is still used heavily, despite the extra time in the salon chair. A lot of people complain of scalp pain due to the tight braids or threads used to achieve the most natural look. Not to mention that prolonged exposure to the tight braiding and threading can cause temporary hair loss.

Clip in hair extensions are virtually pain-free. Of course, an improper application can cause some discomfort. Taking the time to clip your extensions in the proper way will eliminate any need for pain or discomfort while achieving your desired look.

The Short Answer

Clip in extensions are currently the safest method of obtaining hair extensions. We all know the damages that heat and chemicals can cause to the hair and also the pain that comes with tight sew-in options. High-quality clip in extensions should not cause any damage to the hair and are a pain-free way of obtaining a longer, fuller hairstyle. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection exclusively sells Remy 100% real human hair clip in extensions that are totally safe for your use.