Jun 30, 2017

There is always a time to save and a time to splurge. Fun commercials, limited time sales and other hype may have even the most frugal shopper confused on where to spend money and where to pass. To distinguish when it is wise to spend a little more than normal, take a look into your future. Think about how long a product will last, how fast the product deteriorates, and how much you will actually use it. Use these guidelines to invest in great products and save money when necessary. There are dozens of items everyone should invest in. Whether you consider yourself a fashionista, a beauty enthusiast, or just a normal consumer, there are products that exist that will make your daily life easier. Some of these products cost a little more however the extra money spent is worth it. The following items are necessary investments for those whose lifestyles match the products and services.

Luxury Hairpieces

luxury hair clip-ins Luxury hair pieces are a prime time investment for anyone who frequents the salon for new hairdos. A luxury hair piece can be used in many ways. Hairpieces come in various styles and colors so finding one that will accentuate your hair will not be difficult. A luxury hair piece is a good investment because it can cut down on expensive salon trips. For an event or occasion, instead of visiting your hairdresser and spending more money, simply install your luxury hair piece. They are instantly and effortlessly glamorous. It is also great for random days where an extra level of style is called for.

At-Home Gel Manicure Kit

An at-home gel manicure kit is great for anyone who frequents the nail salon for gel manicures. When gel manicures began to rise in popularity so did prices; however, the at-home systems also became available. A gel manicure can run anyone $40 or more. Investing in an at-home kit is a one-time cost that save funds in the long run. Invest in an at home LED Light, a few nail polishes and the proper primer for that gel effect!

Vanity Table

A vanity table is a great move for anyone who spends time doing hair and makeup while getting ready in the morning. A vanity table will eliminate the congestion from the bathroom sink. Having a personal vanity table is not only cute, it is a chic way to keep your beauty items organized and feel like a celebrity when getting dressed every day. Vanity tables are equipped with space, lighting and mirrors for proper makeup and hair application. Having your products organized will cut down on prep time and the quality of your station will translate into the quality of your look.
Electric Toothbrush
An electric toothbrush is a great investment for anyone who prioritizes dental hygiene. An electric toothbrush is a step up from the manual toothbrush that many are used to. They are better at removing stains, plaque and bacteria. Electric toothbrushes lead to better check-ups at your dentist office. Not only are you are less likely to get expensive cavities, the resulting sparkling, fresh smile is an instant confidence boost!