Jan 29, 2024

Best wigs for hot weather
When warmer weather rolls around, wig-wearers may start wondering how to stay cool while styling their wig. Certain wigs do better in hot weather than others, and you can make certain styling decisions to help your wig last longer and stay cool in the warmer months.  

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that there isn’t the perfect wig for hot weather. You can even bring your wigs on summer vacation (just make sure you bring a wig stand in your luggage!)  

In this article, we’ll talk about the best wigs for summer—whether that’s style, type of wig, or even wig caps. Let’s dive in.

How to Wear Wigs in Hot Weather

One of the easiest answers to the question of how to wear a wig in hot weather is to choose the right kind of wig. Here are some considerations for you as you’re choosing your ‘do for the summer months:  

Go short for summer

Some of the best wigs for hot weather are short wigs. Even if you rock long, luscious locks the rest of the year, consider opting for a shorter style during the summer. This will allow more cool airflow to your ears, neck, and shoulders, which will help you feel cooler overall.  

A shorter summer cut doesn’t mean you can’t go for a longer style when it’s cooler, but it will help the hotter weather feel more bearable. Think pixie cuts, wavy bobs, and other short wig styles. It’s a chance to shake up your look and keep the hot weather at bay.  

If you can’t or don’t want to go for a shorter cut in your wig, think about ways you can style your long hair so it’s up off your neck and shoulders. While this will help with staying cool, it’ll also help protect your wig. You don’t want to get the long hair in your wig overly sweaty or covered in sunscreen, so in hotter weather style your hair in braids or other up do styles.  

Choose a synthetic wig

While human hair wigs certainly have their pros, human hair is typically heavier than synthetic. If you’re worried about your wigs in hot weather, choosing a synthetic wig for the hotter months will help you stay cool.  

Synthetic hair is lighter than human hair, making it more breathable and lighter-weight. As an added bonus, you can (carefully!) store your human hair wig until the weather starts to cool off, which will also help it last longer. Rotating your wigs is a good idea for maintenance anyway, so why not use that as an opportunity to cool off during the summer?

Choose a lighter color

Whether you choose human or synthetic wigs for summer, use the warmer weather as a reason to lighten your color. Dark colors attract the sunlight and the heat, so if you wear your hair dark in the summer you’ll feel warmer overall.  

Choosing a lighter blonde or strawberry blonde wig will help reflect some of that heat and light, which will in turn help you stay cool in your wigs in hot weather.  

Mix up your style

While there are tons of ways you can wear a wig in hot weather, you don’t always have to. You can mix up your style on hot days and complete your outfit with a hat, scarf, or other accessory that covers your head while being a little bit cooler and less work-intensive than wearing a wig every day.  

Best Wigs to Wear in Summer

Best wigs for hot weather

These tips all apply to different kinds of wigs, so you can probably apply them to wigs that you already have to wear in warm weather. If you’re looking to get an entirely new wig for summer, there are a few types that will keep you cooler than others.

Lace-front or capless wigs

Though you usually wear a cap with a lace front wig, the hair is hand-tied to the delicate lace front, which means that it will be more breathable on your head. And, since the hairline is more adjustable and more closely mimics a natural hairline, you’ll have an easier time styling bangs and other pieces of hair away from your face, which will also help cool you off.

You can also opt for a capless wig, which will allow more airflow under your wig and onto your head. These wigs are super breathable and will help you stay cool in the hot weather.  

All that said, if you do choose to wear a wig with a cap, be strategic about the cap you wear. Choosing a wig cap made out of a material like bamboo can help wick away sweat and keep your scalp cooler, which will help you feel cooler overall.  

Handtied wigs

Hand-tied wigs are lightweight, and the soft and breathable cap makes it easy for airflow to reach your head and cool you off. Hand-tied wigs also give you a lot of flexibility with styling, so you can easily wear your hair up to keep it off your neck and protected from sweat, sunscreen, and other summertime substances.  

You can also choose to wear a cloth headband under your wig, which will help absorb some of the sweat and protect your wig. It also can help keep your wig securely in place, so win-win!  

Find your perfect wig today

There are so many ways you can style your wig to successfully wear it in hot weather. If you’re looking for your next style, browse our collection of products today! Our experts can help you choose the wig that suits your style and preferences best.