Chic and Timeless: Embracing the French Bob Trend

May 17, 2024

Chic and Timeless: Embracing the French Bob Trend

The iconic french bob is taking the world by storm! It truly is a timeless hairstyle that requires minimal effort to maintain. If you are thinking about making the chop, we are here to convince you! Already have a french bob cut? We are also providing styling ideas to freshen up your look.

French Bob Options

A french bob is classified as a blunt cut, meaning no layers. Although, there are a few different variations of a french bob haircut. These can include bangs, chin length, above chin length, and curtain fringe. We will discuss each one so you will know exactly what you want and what to ask your stylist for.



Adding a bang to your french bob adds so much class to the already chic look. There are a few different options when it comes to a bang. You can go for a more thick bang, a micro bang, or a thin, tousled bang.

 Chin Length Bob vs. Above The Chin


When it comes to the length of your french bob, you’ll need to base your decision off of your face shape. For shorter faces, we recommend an above the chin bob and a chin length bob will complement longer face shapes. 

Curtain Fringe


Adding curtain fringe or curtain bangs to a french bob is a good way to help with the transition from longer hair to your new short cut. It gives you the comfort of face framing pieces that will transition seamlessly into your blunt bob. 

Ways To Style a French Bob


Sleek and Straight


One of our favorite ways to style a french bob is to straighten your hair and wear it smooth and sleek. It gives you an effortless, clean look. Make sure to use hair gel and hairspray to combat frizz. Add a headband or a bow for a pop of color!



If you like to curl your hair or wear it wavy, you still can with a french bob! We recommend using a straightener along with some texturizing spray to create the perfect beach waves or loose curls.



If you have naturally curly hair, the french bob is still an option! We love seeing women embracing their natural hair texture while rocking this Parisian inspired trend. Make sure to style with styling cream and a hair oil, to lock in your style while fighting frizz.