Jul 22, 2018

Believe it or not, summer is clicking on by and before you know it those brisk fall mornings will be rolling in. We still have summer left, but if you are one of those who likes to rush the season just a little bit, read on for some great new fall looks that you can try out now! If you are thinking of those warm colors and tons of texture for hair of every length, and style, then keep reading…


Hmm…. who doesn’t like caramel? Well, maybe a few, but when it is the color of your hair, it just oozes warm and cozy. This fall will bring caramel and chestnut pairings that blend together beautifully. If you want to step-it-up a notch and add some pop, throw in some dark chocolate as your base and then some butter-toned highlights on the ends of your hair.


Coopery and warm reds are in! The colors are vibrant and fiery, so channel that inner redhead and go for the warm red look!

best hair extensionsMelted Latte

Think of how a nice spice latte melts your insides and makes you feel warm all over; this hair coloring is like that. This technique softens your hair color, melting it all together. It has no harsh lines or clear-cut distinction between different colors, making it is difficult for even an expert to tell the difference between added colors and the ‘real’ you color. This look it is almost too good to be true. Word is they have also been using this technique on some of the best hair extensions, so you can get this look this fall with your ‘real’ hair and with some expertly colored clip-in extensions as well. Mix and match and add that texture and depth and melt everyone’s heart that looks at you.

Curly Hair

When you think of fall, you think of long hair, but this style is encouraging your natural textures with a haircut that would enhance some curls and get rid of some dead weight that you might be carrying around with you. Go for the gusto! Do something different for fall and cut your hair, allowing your curls to spring forth.

And Even More Short Hair

This fall will see a lot of shorter hairstyles with the warm fall color blending. The trend is for chopping it off into a short bob, or if you want something a little less dramatic, to get a cut just past the shoulders with a bit of bounce. Get a color melt to keep all eyes on you and your beautiful locks.

Dynamic Renewal

Fall 2018 has some dazzling colors and renewal changes for your hair. Experimentation is allowed, and tradition is thrown out the window. Encouraged are vivid colors along with those traditional warm, good fuzzy-feeling colors. This fall will see experimentation with hair tattoos, changes with hair extensions, wire kits and color pairings never before seen. Go ahead, rush the season just a little and try out some of these looks now to see just how much you will love them when fall arrives.