Oct 22, 2023

A stylish women embracing her gray hair


While it’s common to associate gray hair with old age, the truth is more complex. Did you know that most women discover their first gray hair in their 20s? In fact, half of all women rock a majority of gray strands as early as their 50s!

Going gray is a natural process that happens to everyone over time. Why do so many women associate this universal process with shame?

In a culture that rewards youth, embracing gray hair is a fresh, radical act that speaks to your confidence. As it turns out, there are a lot of health and social benefits, too! That’s why we’re sharing our top reasons to embrace your gray hair and show off your stunning silver strands!

Keep reading to learn why and how to embrace your gray hair, with or without hair loss!

1. You’ll Save a Lot of Time (And Money)

Women go through a lot of trouble to hide their salt and pepper roots from the world. According to a recent survey, the average American woman spends $877 on her hair each year. Hair products, such as dyes and color-safe shampoos, accounted for 71% of grooming-related expenses.

Not only that, but many women cover their roots as often as once a month. If you do your hair at home, that means shopping for the materials (hair color, shampoos, disposable gloves, etc). More importantly, finding the time can be a challenge.

If you use a stylist, that’s as many as 12 visits to the salon per year, not counting haircuts! In that case, you must rely on the salon’s schedule. We hope you have enough extra cash to tip generously!

All that to say, the urge to hide your grays is expensive and time-consuming. You’ll find yourself in a recursive, never-ending loop of maintenance and upkeep. You might invest in a few products while transitioning to gray, but you can slowly phase them out. The final result will be fewer products, fewer salon visits, less stress, and more time and money!

2. It’s Trendy

Gray and silver hair doesn’t have the same reputation as it did in the past. Many celebrities have begun to embrace the transition to gray hair. Now you can see gray, silver, and white hair on TV, across social media, and on the high fashion runway!

In fact, gray hair is such a fun, subversive style that some younger women are asking for gray dye jobs! What these copycats don’t realize is that gray hair is not as monochrome as it sounds.

Natural gray hair comes with a range of tones and shades that would be impossible to emulate in a salon setting. In addition to matte grays, you’ll find silvers, bronzes, whites, golds, and even blue and purple-tinged strands! In other words, gray is gorgeous!

You might feel self-conscious at first, but we assure you that compliments are on the way.

3. It Can Make You Look Younger


A woman dyes her gray roots at home


It makes sense that we associate the color gray with old age. Our hair grows gray because our body produces less melanin over time. This is why women with naturally darker hair and skin tend to go gray later than women with lighter coloring. The less melanin in your system, the grayer your hair will be.

With that said, gray hair tends to have a youthful effect on your appearance. Silver strands add a glow, bringing out the depths in your skin’s complexion. Women only tend to “look old” if they stop caring for their hair as it goes gray. With a stylish haircut and a great purple shampoo, your hair will shine.

4. It’s Healthier Than Dyed Hair

When you apply hair color, you deprive your natural hair of essential proteins. This is part of the process. You must break down that protective layer so your hair can absorb the dye. Even if you take great care of your hair, dyed hair is inherently weaker and more brittle as a result.

Gray hair is also naturally more brittle than other hair. When you dye your gray roots, you are further weakening your gorgeous tresses.

If you stop coloring your hair, you allow your body to rebuild that protective layer. It strengthens your stunning strands and keeps them healthy. You’ll notice a visible difference over time. Because many women are sensitive to the chemicals in dye, you might experience improved scalp health, too.

5. It’s Liberating

For so many women, gray hair means freedom. Embracing your grays means liberating yourself from the stress associated with hair upkeep. You’ll be waving farewell to so many small, unnecessary sources of daily stress.

When you wake up each day, you’ll feel confident that your hair is healthy. Plus, your look will be timeless, and your time will be your own. Plus, you’ll show the younger women in your life that you can go gray and still look spectacular!

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