May 22, 2018

New moms want to look their best but find it isn’t so easy now that the little one is here. Getting ready for work and morning routines have changed, so we’ve collected some tips from around the internet to help you knock out your best look, quickly, efficiently and on budget. So, from hair and clothes to make up and shoes, we’ve got you covered with some all-around tips that will help you save time and money, look incredible, and still have time left over for that precious little one that gave you your “new mom” status. Here are some quick tips to get you started.

Let’s Talk Hair

root coverage extensions When it comes to hair, we have one word for you: Extensions. If you are looking for one of the most popular types of extension, then the light volume root coverage extension is the way to go. There is literally no wrong way to work with these type of extensions as they are easily customized to each individual. They come in a drove of colors and styles and the bonus is that they can be cut and curled the exact same way, as well as being colored and highlighted, as ‘real hair’ can be. So, if you are looking for a little boost for your hair and style, try one of these light volume root extensions on for size. The thing to remember about these extensions is one word: Easy! Maybe three words…Easy and looks great! To help with your hairstyle look, in addition to the hair extension, acquire a flat-iron…as it is told no woman should be without one!

Hair All Done, Next Up Is Clothes

A woman’s favorite go to accessory should be the scarf – as one mommy blogger puts it, it is “one statement accessory that makes the outfit without overwhelming it”. Don’t forget that no woman, much less a new mom, should be without that LBB (Little Black Blazer). It works with everything – dresses to jeans. And what should every busy mom where for comfort and style on the go all day long? Two words: Ballet Flats – they are literally coming out in every color and they can be worn with again, dresses to jeans.

Onto Accessories, Make up and Nails

Let’s round these tips off with a quick 1-2-3 and look good whether at work, home, the playground or out for dinner. What woman doesn’t like a nice manicure, but who has time, right? The best product, according to the self-proclaimed mommy bloggers, is a nail top called Seche Vite – it dries in less than a minute and you are on to what you need to be doing. As we continue our 1-2-3, let’s move on to make up – and multi-tasking is the goal, so stick to the basics: mascara, lip gloss and moisturizer, finding products that will be a 2-in-1. And finally, what do you need to carry all the essentials a busy new mommy needs to have at hand always? That’s right… a good handbag and there is no wrong way to do the ‘right’ handbag, the key to this is – just have fun and don’t be afraid to add some color!