Oct 24, 2018

OK, so the official “wedding season” may be over, but many couples choose to get married in the fall. If you are getting ready for a fall wedding, you need to be thinking about the color palette for Fall 2018. The color palette is an important part of any wedding, just as important as the music and food. Read below to find out what colors will feature prominently at weddings this year. With the right color palette, your wedding can be visually breathtaking, as well as memorable.


This is an especially popular color for weddings this fall. This is a color that has come into fashion quite recently. We say that it is a welcome addition to the fall wedding color palette. This is a color that evokes warmth and sweetness. After all, there is a reason that the first trip after marriage is called the honeymoon! Expect to see it pop up more and more at weddings all over the country. In order to stick with the theme, jars of honey make a great centerpiece, and wedding gift!

Caramelcrown extension clip in

It seems that caramel is popping up everywhere at weddings this season. This color has always evoked fall: caramel apples, brown leaves, and hay. No fall wedding is complete without a little caramel in the color palette. If you truly want to capture the essence of fall at your wedding, go with caramel. From caramel accented luxury hair extensions to caramel satin dresses, anywhere caramel is used adds warmth and depth. And just as an FYI, caramel apples also happen to be a great treat to have at a fall wedding.


Burgundy is also popping up at weddings all over the country this fall, and not only on the bridesmaid’s dresses. Many bridesmaids are choosing to wear real hair extensions that have been colored burgundy. This adds a beautiful accent to their look. This deep, dark red matches the brilliant color of the changing leaves. We expect burgundy to be a permanent addition to the wedding color palette.


One classic fall color that always seems to be in style is orange. Fall 2018 is no exception to that rule. Many fall weddings are featuring orange in their color palette. Orange, like burgundy, evokes the warmth of fall foliage. It is also a color that “plays well with others” and can serve as a great accent to any wedding ensemble.


Sapphire has been brightening up weddings all over the country this fall. We think it is great for an added touch of brightness. It works well as part of the bridesmaid’s dresses, as well as part of the décor. For proof, just look at wedding photos from Fall 2018, where sapphire adds an eye-catching splash of color.


For a soft, cool color, we recommend lilac. This color has made an appearance at thousands of weddings this fall. We think it is elegant, graceful, and the perfect addition to the fall color palette this year. It also happens to be one of the more popular colors for bridesmaid dresses this fall.