Aug 18, 2017

As summer comes to a close, stores worldwide are rolling out their latest in fashion trends for the fall season. Every year, shoppers trade light and airy summer pieces for thick and cozy fashion that is perfect for the cooling temperatures. All the rage this fall includes clothing in darker hues, a cute pair of booties, caramel leather accessories, and comfy knit pieces.

Darker Hues

After labor day, white and pastels are out and moody, darker color ways are back in. The biggest color for fall is a deep burgundy color called Oxblood and it is certain to be seen on runways and store shelves worldwide. Other on trend colors include army green, beige or chocolate brown, and deep greys. These color palettes aren’t limited to just clothes though. Seasonal fall colors can also be used to elevate manicures, hand bags, shoes, lipstick, or even hair. A deep maroon lipstick or nail polish color is the perfect way to make any look seasonally appropriate. Many women color their hair darker after summer is over and highlights are out of season. Consider a darker brunette or deep maroon shade to fit the fall aesthetic. Luxury hair pieces in one of these hues are an ideal way to wear the trend without fully committing to coloring hair. luxury hair clip-ins

Boots and Booties

Wearing seasonally appropriate footwear during the colder temperatures is a given, and if 2016 was any indication, then this fall will be all about the booties, a shorter style of boots. A good pair of booties in a neutral color tone can be worn with almost any outfit, from dresses to skinny jeans, and instantly make it on trend. This year, suede has really risen as the top material choice but, of course, leather will always remain a classic.

Caramel Leather

By far, the easiest way to transition accessories from summer to fall is by switching to a buttery leather in a caramel color. From handbags and boots to belts and even watch bands, this neutral color instantly adds an autumn vibe to any outfit. A tall pair of riding boots in a caramel leather is a fall classic with leggings or skinny jeans.
Cozy Knits
When the temperatures start to drop, it is time to start breaking out the cozy knits and snuggle up by the fire. A thick knit cardigan in a beige or ivory color tone is the perfect piece to transition from fall to winter. Throw it on as a layer over a plaid shirt and add a pair of booties in leather or suede and you are well on your way to an effortlessly easy fall outfit. Another big trend for the fall is the “duster” sweater which is longer in length and generally falls to knee length or below. These come in a variety of fabrics and are great transition pieces in lighter materials as they can be worn to contrast with shorts at the beginning of fall when temperatures are still warmer. Let’s be honest, any wardrobe piece that feels like wearing a robe while actually making you look put together and elevating your outfit is a win-win by any standard.