Sep 28, 2016

Autumn is here and with it comes a beautiful array of fall colors…and that goes for hair, too! Many of us like to get into the spirit of the season and go a little darker with our hair color. The bright colors of summer give way to warmer blonds and brunettes with dark, lush low lights. Reds are richer, auburns spicier, and even tones that tend toward deepest black seem to take on more warmth and become earthier. The damage-free, simple way to achieve a seasonal look is by wearing a Lauren Ashtyn Collection volume extension (hair topper). You can instantly go from summer to fall with 4 easy snaps and no commitment! Going darker for fall is a (crisp!) walk in the park by adding a 12-18” full topper or a 12-16” root coverage to you hairstyle… and, it’s a lasting investment in your fall wardrobe that will be a prized accessory for this season and many more to come! Our Giselle is a warm blond with a darker root that is a fantastic compliment to the warm, autumn color pallet. If you want to go a little darker but stay true to “being blond” a Katniss is the perfect solution. Blond with caramel low lights, it is multidimensional and full of movement. Audrey is true brunette, exhibiting luscious, dark chocolate undertones. If you are a level 5 or 6, Audrey is perfect for making a dramatic fall statement. For those of you who fall into the very dark range of hair color, our Priscilla or Midnight can give you volume and lasting style until it’s once again time to “lighten up” for summer! So “fall into autumn” with the beautiful, easy, lasting style of a Lauren Ashtyn Collection hairpiece. Go on-line to for a free consultation! Let us help you find “the hair you’ve always dreamed of…INSTANTLY!”