Feb 19, 2018

You’re a busy mom who doesn’t really have time to get dolled up between taking the kids to school and running errands, we get it! Here are some classic yet comfortable looks to keep you stylish yet comfortable throughout the day.

Statement Accessories

Statement accessories can class up any look! Why not go for a scarf, or a pendant necklace in the warmer months? Sleek, sophisticated and comfortable, these two accessories can be paired with almost any look, plain tees included! It’s also great to have a staple handbag. Having a larger bag will ensure you’ll never forget any essentials (or your kid’s lunch when he/she forgets to bring it to school). Why not make it fun? If you’re wearing neutrals, try going for a bold color that’ll stand out.

T-Shirt Dress

For the warmer months, a t-shirt dress is the perfect way to stay and look cool! Pair it with a jean jacket and a baseball cap for a completed look, and you’re ready to pick the kids up from soccer practice!


For the cooler months, a warm, chunky cardigan is the perfect way to cozy up with the kids after a long day. Pair it with some dark colored leggings and a tee, and you’re ready to sit by the fire and relax.
Skin Care
Did you wake up with bags under your eyes again after another night of little sleep? Using an eye cream in the morning after you wash your face can give you glowing eyes that look great with a little concealer. Rose water is also a great way to keep you feeling refreshed. Simply spray your face with the product and take in the goodness!
Styling Products
Every busy mom should invest in a good dry shampoo. It is a great product that helps second day hair look freshly washed. Simply spray your roots thoroughly, wait for 30 seconds to a minute, and finger through your hair. Volumize powder is another great staple to keep in the cabinet. Just spray directly to your hair and style with your hands. Then, watch that volume! A blow dryer and straighter should also be staples-you could even use your straightener as an iron in a pinch! light volume hair extensions Lastly, looking for a little hair volume boost? Consider light volume extensions. These customizable hair extensions clip right in (which means they don’t have to be glued-in or sewed-in!). Perfect for date night or everyday wear. Make Up Make up?! I don’t have time for make up, you say. Luckily, we’ll offer a few essentials that you may be able to make time for. Some moisturizer, blush and mascara should do the trick! You don’t have to spend hours getting ready in the morning. For a little glow, add some highlighter to the cheekbones and nose. Feeling a little fancy? Applying a soft pink lip stain/lip color hardly takes any time at all. You’ll now feel ready to take on the day! Busy moms, hats off to you (except don’t let it mess up your awesome hair). We hope you find these tips helpful, and don’t forget to engage in a little “me” time!