Apr 22, 2018

Time to put away the bulky sweaters and jeans; it’s summertime! Looking for ways to stay cool this summer? Look no further. We’ve got you (un) covered, from clothing and accessories, to hair extensions and hats.

Loose Clothing

A flowy maxi dress is the perfect way for your skin to breathe during the hot summer months. You may be more covered than if you were wearing a pair of shorts and a tank, but looser clothing actually gives your skin more breathable room!

Light Layers

So you might not be able to wear a maxi dress to the office, but layers should do the trick! Make sure to stick with light fabrics and avoid dress pants, as this could cause you to sweat (even with the AC on!).


Skirts are perfect for out on the town, in the office, or even on the weekend! For the office, feel free to pick a neutral color or go a little bolder with a floral pattern. And, make sure it’s knee length so it’s office appropriate.
For those nice, summer weekends, a bralette is the perfect way to keep cool! Nice and lightweight, bralettes are great ways to avoid sweating in areas you don’t want to be sweating in…and, they’re super cute too!
Avoid Flimsy Fabrics
Fabrics without structure are likely to stick to clothes and thus, show sweat. Stick to cotton or linen fabrics (like a t-shirt dress) to stay cool this summer! Avoid Heavy Embellishments Embellishments like beads and metals are no-nos. Not only will the metal get hot, but they’ll weigh the fabric down, trapping in body heat. Instead, try wearing a fun pattern or bold color, which will achieve the same result! Hats A light, straw, wide brimmed hat is the perfect summer accessory! Not only does it keep you cool, but by keeping the sun off of your face, it keeps it from burning! Unlined Clothing According to Cosmo, not only is this just “another layer” between you and your skin, but lining is often more than not synthetic, meaning it won’t let your skin breathe well. Small Accessories Leave your large bags and totes at home, ladies! Not only is this great for spring cleaning, but it will also help you sweat less. This way, you won’t have to lug around all of your belongings in a large tote. You’ll be carrying the essentials and will be feeling great! Light Colors Well bold is great for some occasions, if you plan to be out in the sun for long periods of time, stick to lighter colors. Dark colors absorb light, making you feel hotter. Hair braid with hair extensions Thinking of going for a change this summer? Why not mix up your hair! An above the shoulder bob is great to keep your head cool without the extra weight. However, if you are still craving those long locks, go for full volume hair extensions. Make sure they’re easy to use and don’t have to be sewed or glued in so you can remove them on those hot days! Stay cool, ladies!