Jan 30 , 2017

Women's Hair Care Products: Repair Mask

What do living in a cold climate, styling with heat, using products with sulfates, and coloring your hair all have in common? They can all cause dry, damaged hair! If you suffer from brittle hair, you are not alone! Oftentimes the cost of keeping up with trendy styles and colors is being stuck with dry, damaged hair. But there MUST be a way to treat your hair well and still have fun with your look! The answer is The Lauren Ashtyn Collection Repair Mask. This Repair Mask is not only incredibly easy to use, but also offers immediate results right before your eyes! First, you take enough product to liberally coat your hair from mid-length to tip, being careful to avoid the roots. Using only 75% of that total amount, coat your hair piece by piece until all your hair is covered. Comb the product through your hair, and then coat your hair with the remaining 25% of your allotted product. And now all you have to do is wait! We recommend waiting a minimum of 10 minutes or longer depending on your hair’s condition for maximum results. After you finish waiting, rinse your hair with cool water to seal in the moisture and give your hair that desired, healthy shine! And don’t forget, all the haircare products made by The Lauren Ashtyn Collection are 100% organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and color safe so your hair will drink up all the nourishment and not risk any long-term damage. THIS WEEK ONLY: Head over to Instagram and check out our Monday Morning Giveaway post! Just like our page, tag 5 best friends, and you’ll be automatically entered to win a FREE Lauren Ashtyn Repair Mask! The winner will be announced Friday and if you win, you and your dry hair might have a new best friend!