Apr 14, 2017

Longer days, warm weather and good vibes all come together to create the perfect festival season. Spring and summer time festivals are some of the most coveted events year-round. From big name music festivals such as Coachella or smaller food or culture festivals, these fun-filled events are full of some of the coolest style. Music festivals are always full of fun, effortless style. There are multiple items that are necessary for a successful festival experience. Proper preparation can make or break the excitement. Is the possibility of rain in the forecast? Pack a poncho for a quick save. Wearing t-shirts, jackets and even socks decorated with pictures or lyrics from your favorite artist can also add elements of fun. There are essential elements to nailing flawless festival style. Festival looks are comfortable, unique and incorporate trends from many different cultures. Comfort is priority for festival style. These outdoor events are often hot and humid and require long hours of walking and standing. Fashionable footwear does not have to be exchanged for practicality.

Sneakers, Anyone?

Chic footwear is no longer a term exclusively used for stilettos. Athleisure is top trend which fuses the functionality of athletic wear with the fashion forward style of editorial fashion. Stylish colors and patterns are a great way to ensure comfort and style. A classic sneaker is the way to go for your festival looks. Ditch the uncomfortable sandals for a sleek sneaker.

Layers Make The Difference

Most music festivals take place in warm weather and often require attendees to be there from sun up to sundown. The varying differences in temperature that occur throughout the day makes layered outfits perfect for any festival. Wearing an outfit with the addition of a jacket, sweater, or blazer makes sense. Wear the jacket during the cooler hours of the morning and evening and in the hottest part of the day, move it to a bag or even tie it around your waist.

Flower Power Returns

Hair and makeup play a major role in achieving ultimate on-trend festival style. For fabulous festival hair think carefree, spirited bold tresses. Whether these looks are achieved with real hair extensions or temporary color, festival season gives the opportunity to experience with new daring looks. Braided crowns adorned with flowers and feathers are perfect for festival style. Loose locks with flowy waves are also very on trend for the care free environment of a festival. real hair extensions
Brighten Up
Makeup looks can be as carefree as the hairstyles. Tribal inspired makeup looks are popular for festival season and neon colors are also on trend this season. Incorporate neon hues into makeup looks with colored mascara or bright eyeliner. A bold neon lipstick or gloss is always fun. As for adding some sparkle to your look, the sky is the limit!
Accessories Pull It Together
The right accessories are last final step in pulling off a killer festival look. Use accessories to make a statement but also add functioning elements to your look. Hats and sunglasses are not only chic but aid in protection from the sun. Wide brimmed hats or quirky “dad” caps are perfect for minimizing sun exposure on the face. Sunglasses do the same. Whether you opt for a classic aviator or funky frames, a cute pair of sunglasses is the right choice for any music festival.