Jan 27 , 2017

First Day Home Care: Rejuvenating Your Hair After a Long Journey

Congratulations! You just purchased your first ever luxury full, root, or crown volume extension from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection! Since you completed your online purchase, your hair piece has been through a lot – especially if you live internationally! Once we receive confirmation of your purchase, one of our team members goes to our storage area and selects the piece you requested based on color, length, and type. Next, that hair piece is colored, if you chose to have us customize your color, blown out, and styled. If you live within the United States or Canada, it is then packed on a foam styling partner (secured with four pins – be careful!) in a signature Lauren Ashtyn box to help the piece keep its style throughout its journey to you. When you receive your new hair, you will be able to simply take it out of the box, clip it in, and you will be ready to go! Because the boxes are so heavy and of such high quality, international shipments including the box are not normally made at this moment. If you live outside of the United States or Canada, your hair piece is gently packed into a silk signature Lauren Ashtyn bag to prevent damage and the buildup of static when shipped internationally. When your piece arrives, it will likely be a little bit worn since it has just made a long journey. Just like how you have to fluff up your hair after a long flight, you will have to do the same to regain the volume in your hair piece when you receive it in the silk bag. Simply make sure all clips are closed and carefully pin your hair piece on your Lauren Ashtyn Mannequin Head. Dampen it with a little bit of water and blow it out yourself or add some body by curling it with our featured curling iron! Last but not least, whether you live in the United States, Canada, or far away, be sure to visit your hair stylist to have your piece cut in to blend perfectly your haircut. Extra hair in your piece can make it heavier and les voluminous. A quick, easy trim will solve all of those problems and have your hair looking voluptuous in no time. If you need assistance in finding a stylist with experience cutting and styling extensions in your area, please email us (contact@laurenashtyn.com) or call us (+1.864.590.8924) at your convenience! Oftentimes, your piece needs just a little bit of love from you or your stylist before you can achieve the polished, voluminous look for which The Lauren Ashtyn Collection volume extensions are known. As always, contact us with any questions and we will be sure to instruct you on the best ways to achieve your desired look, where to find an experienced extension stylist near you, and any other questions you may have! Simply go to our website to access our chat feature, email us, or call/text us and we will make sure you are as happy and proud of your Lauren Ashtyn volume extension as we are! Until next time, Lauren Ashtyn