Jun 24, 2018

If you are new to hair extensions or if you are an ‘old hand’ at these transformational manes, there are a few tried and true techniques to learn and brush up on to keep those luscious manes looking beautiful and on point for every occasion.

Wash and Moisturize

If you are new to clip in extensions and you’ve just come from your stylist, you should entirely avoid washing or moisturize for at least 48 hours to a week, as they don’t need washed as often as your own hair. It is recommended that when purchasing shampoo that you opt for sulfate and silicone free shampoos and then to ‘gently’ massage your scalp to help break any dirt and debris that has collected. When you finish with the wash, then follow up with your conditioner with a salon quality moisturizer and ask your stylist for the top recommendations. Lauren Ashtyn hair care products

Deep Condition

Glamourous hair is beautiful, and we love those big beautiful blowouts. That is why we have those extensions, but all those products and all those hot styling tools take a toll on hair. It is essential to give the hair a lot of TLC to replenish what we take out. Deep condition, at the very least once a month, your natural hair and your real hair extensions as well. Ask your stylist for some recommendations for a hair mask for your extensions. Just like you have a face mask to condition and refresh your skin, your hair needs products to condition and refresh. The same application process is about the same as with the moisturizer. Apply mid-shaft to allow for concentrated penetration for at least 60 minutes for an extra boost of deep conditioning.

Tangle Free

Most women wash their hair at night, so a good rule of thumb is to make sure your hair is completely dry before you hit the covers. Why? The general rule of thumb is that wet hair generally can lead to breakage and tangling. Braiding your wet hair before bed will allow you to wake up tangle free in the morning, and you will have soft waves and almost near perfect hair every time. You can braid your wet clip in hair extensions for soft waves after they dry, as well.

Be a TeeTotaler

As mentioned previously, natural oils from our scalp help to moisturize our hair, which doesn’t happen with extensions, as they are not growing from our scalp. The dryness caused by this, along with frequent wearing, can cause the extensions to look a little ‘frizzy’ or ‘frazzled.’ Ask your stylist for the best moisturizing products on the market for your real hair extensions, but best advice, no matter the product you choose, is to avoid alcohol-laden products, as those products will only lift ‘more’ moisture out of your hair and extensions, causing your hair to look even more frizzy and frazzled.