May 26 , 2017

Get Inspired By 70s Style

It can be said that in fashion, nothing is new, just revamped for a different time and place. As far as trends go, this is easy to abide by. Fashion is a never ending cycle of trends reborn and given new life. Fads emerge from the past every season with a modern day flair. Since the beginning of modern day fashion, each decade inspires the next. The events of the times also influence fashion trends. Incorporate 2017 versions of the 70’s hottest hair, makeup, fashion and style trends. In the 1970’s, America was heavily influenced by the late 1960’s hippie culture. As the country progressed forward towards political awareness, fashion and beauty grew as well. The 1970’s were full of bold looks, and trends that will be with us forever. This season, get inspired by 1970’s biggest trends.

The Hair

hair extension clip-in Blunt bangs, feathered layers and glamorous curls were among the top hair trends of the 1970s. Blunt bangs and long flowy tresses are a top look that can be modernized. Keep it sleek with super straight hair or go for feathered layers and glamorous curls, where the rule is the fuller the better. Afros and braids also are great choices for seventies-inspired hairdos. All of the 70’s hair choices are full of body and bounce. To add extra fullness, use hair extensions to achieve these looks. In full 70’s fashion, accessorize each style with floral headbands and pins. 1970’s “hairspirations” include Diana Ross, Farah Fawcett and Bo Derek; use their iconic looks for inspiration.

The Makeup

1970’s makeup was all about bold eye looks and healthy glowing skin. Bold black liner, pastel eyeshadows, gem and rhinestones and rosy blushes are staples for 70’s inspired makeup. Experiment with different eyeshadow looks inspired by the seventies trends. Use pastel shades on the lid and line them with thick eyeliner. Keep the brows tame but not too structured and voila! Instant 1970’s glam. Some 1970’s bombshells to look to for inspiration are Donna Summer, Debbie Harry and Grace Jones.

The Clothes

As we said before, the 1970’s are one of the most influential decades in fashion. Clothing in the 1970’s took a step closer to individuality. The colors were brighter, the cuts were bolder and the pants were tighter. Hippie style, punk fashions and bohemian looks were all prevalent throughout the seventies. Top choices for 1970’s inspired fashions include pants suits, low rise pants and form-fitting jersey material dresses. Many fashion icons dominated this decade from Diana Ross to Cher. Pick a muse and get inspired.
The Accessories
Just as with 1970s clothing, accessories played a major part in 1970 fashion. Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy approached the 1970’s with a casual chic style with killer accessories. Her signature style included oversized frames, a thick belt and head scarves. Get inspired by Jacqueline’s out-of-the-White-House style. Search for accessories that are minimal yet stylish and bold. Another fashion icon of the seventies who always had great accessories is Mary Tyler Moore. Moore always had a killer outfit finished by great accessories. The now popular bandana was an iconic accessory styled by Mary Tyler Moore. Look to either woman for inspiration finishing your look.