May 02, 2017

Let wanderlust take control and travel the world. Take a road trip to a new state or a fly to a tropical destination. Whatever you choose, get out and explore new places and experience new things. Traveling can be a little stressful. From selecting a destination and finding the perfect travel squad, to packing and actually getting there, the “relaxing” experience can tug on anyone's nerves. One aspect that does not have to be as difficult is packing for a stylish trip. Visiting a new city is the perfect opportunity to show off new fashions. Here are seven tips to traveling in style.

Arrive In Style

Traveling in style is essential to owning fashionable looks during the entire trip. Often people sacrifice style for comfort when traveling. Airport and road trip looks can be both comfortable and fashion forward. Traveling in sweatpants and a t-shirt sets the tone for a drabby trip. Set the tone to be more trendy and arrive to your destination in style. This does not mean get dressed in a red carpet gown and sit in a sedan for 8 hours. Put some effort in your traveling looks: add fun accessories and cute tote bags to simple looks for the ultimate mobile fashion goals.

Portable Beauty Salon

Pack your beauty favorites for a stylish trip. It is very easy to over pack beauty necessities; do not go overboard and pack an entire vanity station worth of hair and makeup. Grab the essentials and a few bonus products for the best results. Narrowing down from 100 lipsticks 50 blushes 40 hair sprays and 10 shampoos can take hours if not done properly. Build your portable beauty salon and pack appropriately. Hair products that are important are styling products, styling accessories and hair care essentials. More times than not, when traveling, hotel rooms will be equipped with a blow dryer, shampoo and conditioner. Save space in your luggage by skipping on these items. Make sure to pack travel size vials of things such as hairspray and gel to complete your look. Fun headwraps and luxury hair clip-ins are also great to travel with as they can both assist with unpredictable and bad hair-days when away from home. root coverage extensions

Makeup Packing Hack

To narrow down makeup selection, take the basics. A fun traveling hack is to visit a makeup counter and get samples for your trip. Taking samples instead of full-size beauty products allows room to pack an assortment of items and get through strict travel guidelines. Staple lip colors are also great to take. A classic red, flirty pink, bold purple and necessary nude should all be in your portable beauty salon.
Pack For The Destination
It is easy to just grab your best garments and load them into a suitcase for a week abroad; however, this may not be the best idea. The most important factor to look stylish on vacation is to pack for your exact destination. This goes beyond packing for weather. Make sure you have an appropriate outfit for each activity on the itinerary. Pack some sleek sportswear for a trip that will have a lot of outdoor activity. If you are going to a city with cultural fashion customs, do some research ahead of time and incorporate the local looks into your travel style.