Jan 03, 2019

More and more women are buying hair extensions each year. However, there are still many women out there who aren’t exactly sure what hair extensions are, how they work, or what to look for in hair extensions. This article will set the record straight. If you are interested in learning more about hair extensions, continue reading below.

The Three Basic Types Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come in three basic types:
  • Full volume
  • Light volume root coverage
  • Length
Of the three types, full volume hair extensions provide the most coverage. This being the case, they are recommended for women with thinning hair, or rapid hair loss. They are also the preferred choice for women who want to add serious volume to their hair. For women who want to add a little body to their existing hair, light volume root coverage extensions will do the trick. Finally, women wanting to add instant length to their hair can opt for length extensions. It should be noted that these extensions can be worn simultaneously. For example, a woman wanting to add some body and length to her hair can wear both light volume root coverage and length extensions.

Clip In vs. Sew In

Clip-in hair extensionsEach of the three types of hair extensions mentioned above can be purchased as “clip in” extensions or “sew in” extensions. For the record, we recommend clip in extensions. Attaching sew in extensions is a lengthy process, usually done by a trained professional. They can also cause damage to your hair, and are harder to maintain. Clip in extensions, on the other hand, can be applied in a matter of seconds—no professional help required. They do not damage your hair, and removal is just as easy as application. If you are looking to hustle out the door in the morning (and who isn’t?), it is great to know that you can apply your hair extensions in a snap. And clip ins will not easily fall out either—they are specially engineered to stay put.

What Makes A Good Hair Extension?

Now that you have a better idea of the types of hair extensions that you can buy, you are probably wondering what separates a quality hair extension from an inferior product. Here are a few things to look for:
  1. Human Hair
  2. 100% Remy
  3. Handmade
  4. Fully Customizable
The first thing that you want to make sure of before buying your hair extensions is that they are made from human hair. You also want to make sure that they have been given the highest quality rating. The best human hair toppers are 100% Remy. That is the description that you should be looking for. Aside from that, you want to purchase hair extensions that are hand-knotted for durability. As a general rule, a good, handmade hair extension will last up to 3 years. An inferior, machine made product will not last nearly as long. Finally, if you like to mix it up style-wise you should look for extensions that you can fully customize with regard to style, color, and cut. You can find extensions that fit all four of these criteria.