Feb 24, 2020

Hair Loss Can Have Many Causes

There are many different reasons that women suffer from hair loss. Medication, illness, infection or chemicals can interrupt the growth cycle. It can happen at any age and is nearly as likely to happen in women as in men. One day you may notice a widening patch of scalp or an alarming amount of hair on your pillow or in the drain after a shower. These things are more emotionally devastating for women and can be caused by many things. Sometimes hair loss happens after pregnancy or menopause, or a traumatic event can be an instigator, as well.

Real Human Hair Toppers Can Help

One thing you can do as a remedy is to find and use human hair toppers, and The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has 100% real human European Remy hair extensions. This is the finest quality human hair on the market, and they use a handcrafted process that triple knots each strand and attaches it to a micro-mesh base, taking up to 45 days for each to be completed. They believe that to achieve this kind of quality human hair toppers, the process cannot be rushed. Of course you will want a product that lasts, and with proper care these can last up to 3 years.

Easy Care

Human hair toppers from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection are easy to care for, as you just use the same nourishing products you use on your own hair. They even sell products on their website to make it even easier. And they are committed to excellent customer service, with video consultations and tutorials to answer any questions or concerns about your hair extensions you may have, anytime. Lauren Ashtyn herself has always had a passion for beautiful, luxurious hair and wants to help every client achieve the best version of herself possible. This is her lifetime goal, as the daughter of a stylist who grew up immersed in the world of the modern salon.

Customize To Your Liking

Human hair toppers restore the confidence that women who are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss are lacking, and helps women recover from the emotional damage that often accompanies this. For women, hair loss is a much more traumatic event than most men. Human hair toppers can help immensely. There are multi-dimensional colors to choose from, and they are fully customizable with regard to color, cut and style. You can even color and cut them yourself if you like, and get help from their tutorials.

Choose The Coverage That Is Right For You

The most popular type of hair extension for women with thinning hair is the full volume, which is 12”-18” in length and adds fullness, body and length to your hair. There is also a light volume root coverage for women who just want to add a little extra volume or cover up unwanted grays. This choice is 12”-16” in length and has a 3 X 5 inch base that clips in easily around your roots. If you just want to add length, they have two choices in these hair extensions also. They do not damage your own hair and clip in easily and securely in seconds. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has the answer for women who are suffering hair loss, so check them out today. Payment plans are available, too.