Jun 17, 2020

Emotionally Damaging

An estimated 30 million women in the United States currently suffer from hair loss, and a whopping 80% of women will experience noticeable hair loss by the age of 60. Not only that, but hair loss in women can be emotionally damaging, more so than men. It is not socially acceptable for women to lose their hair, besides the fact that women are much more self-conscious of their appearance than men. Women have much more pressure from society to always look their best, and an instinctual desire to make themselves as attractive as possible. Therefore, when this happens it can be totally devastating and emotionally damaging, often causing depression or a negative change in their overall attitude.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection recognizes that these women need a good solution that actually works. Because the sad truth is, a permanent, truly effective solution doesn't even exist! The closest thing to that, is opting for a hair transplant, which is a drastic, expensive measure that isn't even guaranteed to work. So have you thought about trying Remy hair extensions like the ones found at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection? If not, this could be the solution you've been waiting for. Their extensions are made with 100% European Remy human hair, the highest quality grade hair on the market today.

About Remy Hair Extensions

These Remy hair extensions are fully customizable with regard to color, cut and style, and come in a variety of different multidimensional colors and types. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection offers dozens of tutorials on their website to help you with every aspect of your new Remy hair extensions. They also sell products that were designed specifically for their extensions, making it even easier for you to care for them. With good care, they can last up to three years, making them an excellent investment, too. They have a unique clip-in design that attaches securely in just seconds, and does not damage your real hair like other methods do. And if you need any further assistance, their customer service representatives are available by phone and on their website by video consultation. Financing is also available to those who qualify.

Change Your Future

If hair loss or thinning hair has been causing a problem for you or someone you love, try these Remy hair extensions at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. They truly could be the answer you have been searching for. Remy hair extensions can change the way you think about your appearance, and give you back your self-esteem and confidence. Former signs of depression will simply evaporate, and your demeanor will once again be hopeful and bright! If that's not worth a small investment in your future happiness, then perhaps it isn't you who's affected. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection understands the emotional pain and trauma that hair thinning or hair loss can cause, especially in women, so call for your free hair consultation today, and see for yourself the difference Remy hair extensions can make.