Apr 20, 2017

Any true fashionista knows the swiftness of the fashion industry. The phrase “one day you’re in, the next you’re out” reigns supreme. So how do they do it? With these rules, it may seem as though nobody would ever be “”in”. The key to maintaining a fresh disposition in the fashion industry is to stay ahead of the game. Runway shows deliver trends seasons ahead. We already have the blueprints for next season’s hottest looks. So what are we waiting for? Here are the top fashion and beauty trends for fall and winter 2017.

Colorful Eye Looks

In makeup, colorful eye looks were all over runways. Looks involving cut-creases, color blocking and more will dominate this upcoming fall. Use products such as neon eyeliners, colored mascara, shimmery eyeshadows and more to achieve the brightest and boldest eye look possible. Experiment with the placement of eyeliners and shadows. Think outside of the box and outside of the lines. Fuse bright colors and smoldering hues to create awesome eye looks all fall and winter.

Funky Florals

Look forward to bright spring and summer florals taking a dark romantic turn when the fall arrives. These florals are not the bright wedding romantic ones we see in summer . Go for floral prints with richer hues and deeper patterns. Mix floral patterns with lace, leathers and other materials for instant chic vibes.

The Sleek Ponytail

Sleek ponytails are perfect year round however fall and winter they will be on trend. Keep your hair hydrated with a moisturizing spray. Pull your hair back and sleek down with gel and hairspray for a finished look. Whether the ponytail is curly, straight or even a bohemian inspired braid, give a low ponytail a try. If your hair is not long enough for a Rapunzel inspired hairdo, get some help with extensions. A luxury hair piece is great for achieving this flawless trend. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection
Cinched Waist
While the corset trend is arriving now, this fall and winter are all about the cinched waist. Corset belts, dresses, tees and even pants with corsets built in are all on trend. The corset trend is great for creating curves and accentuating body shape, but the cinched waist trend does not have to be done with a corset. Giant belts and bralettes are all suitable for the trend. Pair this trend with dresses, high waist pants and layer with jackets and blazers for fresh off the runway vibes.
Mad For Plaid
Business chic plaids will be in full effect this fall and winter. Two and three piece suits decorated with muted plaids are all over the runways and will soon be in every store. This trend echoes 1990s fashion with a modern twist. The plaid trend can be worn by anyone and the pattern’s notoriety for business deals and board rooms is being shifted to fashionable out-of-the-office looks. Bold Hair Color All over fall and winter 2017 runways, models hit the catwalk with tresses in every shade. Punky purples, surprising pinks and fiery reds all made dramatic runway debuts. Fall and winter will be your opportunity to experiment with a bold hair color. Whether you opt for a full dye job or for a luxury hair piece, explore new color options to celebrate the season.