Sep 08, 2023

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Remy human hair is the peak of luxury for a reason! The thing that sets Remy hair apart is that the cuticle remains attached. That means you can be sure that it is 100% human hair and even confirm the continent of origin. 

Most importantly, you can dye 100% Remy hair to your exact specifications. Consider your gorgeous hair extensions a canvas just waiting for customization!

Dying hair extensions isn’t exactly like dying the hair on your head, however. There are a few expert tips to keep in mind to ensure you achieve the perfect look. We’ve gathered our most helpful hair-dying hints to ensure you achieve the best results when coloring your hair extensions.  

Continue reading to learn how to dye hair extensions and bring your style to the next level!

Tip #1: Always Start Light

While you can tone and dye human hair extensions, you should never bleach or lighten them. Bleach makes even the healthiest hair brittle. Applying bleach to your extensions will shorten the life of the hair. 

After bleaching, you can expect breakage and texture changes, which will cause hair to look unhealthy and dull. Since extensions don’t produce natural oils or nutrients, there is no way to restore them to their natural luster.

Instead, choose hair extensions in a lighter shade and darken or tone the hair from there. That’s probably why blondes are some of our most popular extension shades! Not only do they take color beautifully, but they look gorgeous as-is. In fact, if you choose the right shade initially, you might not need to dye your extensions at all.

Do you need help choosing the right color for your new extensions? Reach out for a free hair color consultation from Lauren Ashtyn stylists. 

Tip #2: Start With the Right Base Shade

While “start light” is a good rule of thumb, some colors make better base shades than others. Always make sure your dye is a darker color than the color of your extensions. 

If you plan to apply a bold or unnatural color, we suggest starting with the lightest blonde you can. Lighter blondes are ready to take color like a blank canvas. Consider starting with Blanch to get the brightest results.

If you’re aiming for a darker shade with depth, choose a light brown with similar undertones. Bella makes a great base for deep browns or auburns. Your hair will maintain its shine while taking on new depth. 

If you’re aiming for cooler tones, aim for a desaturated blonde like Grace, which picks up color easily. 

Tip #3: Stay Away from the Clips

hair topper clips

As a general rule, avoid clips, seams, and tips while dying your extensions. The chemicals in the dye can cause damage that impacts attachment and security. If you can’t trust your clips, it’s hard to feel confident wearing your extensions while out and about! A great dye job only counts if you can keep your gorgeous extensions in place! 

We find that it’s easier to keep each extension separate and dye them one at a time. It takes longer, but it yields cleaner results. It also ensures full saturation during the dying process. Not only will it keep your clips in one piece, but it will also lead to a more even final result. 

Tip #4: Wash Your Extensions First

Before you add any dye, we recommend giving your extensions a quick wash. Fill up a bowl or sink with lukewarm water. Add a few drops of your favorite nitrate-free shampoo. Add your extensions to the water one at a time and get them nice and soapy. 

Air-dry them completely before you proceed. We also suggest you comb each extension before applying any dye. 

Tip #5: Test Before You Commit 

Most stylists advise that you dye your extensions only once to extend the life of the hair. With that said it can be helpful to perform a color test before you commit. 

Apply the dye to a small part of one extension and be sure you’re happy with the final results. You can gauge how much time the dye needs to saturate the hair. This is the best way to ensure you’re satisfied with the color, and can help a lot with timing!

If you aren’t happy with the color, you can backtrack and reassess. It’s much easier to trim off a bit of colored hair than throw out your entire set of extensions!

Tip #6: Consult a Professional 

We recognize that purchasing the highest quality human hair extensions can be a big investment. If you’re going to choose the best, invest in a colorist, too! 

Professional stylists will know exactly how to approach dying your extensions. They have training and experience mixing colors, which can help you achieve the perfect match. Likewise, their experience can help you avoid damage, extending the life of your extensions. 

Consulting a professional is the only way to ensure you don’t make a costly error. Dyes are finicky and can impact the color and integrity of your new hair pieces. If possible, work with a licensed Lauren Ashtyn stylist for the best results. 

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