Aug 30, 2017

Being a new mother comes with challenges. You may have found out (rather quickly) that you do not have as much time as you would like, and getting ready in the morning has become more of a challenge than you remember. In spite of having a new baby to take care of, there are many ways you can still stay on top of your game and be ready quickly in the morning, no matter what your lifestyle is like. Here are three ways to get ready easily, while looking and feeling great about yourself.

Use Hair Extensions To Add Volume and Fullness

volume hair extensions After giving birth, many new mothers find that they experience temporary hair loss, as their hair sheds. It may not be as full as they remember, and they may be wanting to add volume to their hair, without spending hours in front of the mirror or using lots of styling products. Instead, use volume hair extensions, which can be clipped in within minutes, and will help you to feel like a brand-new person, with very little time or effort on your part. You’ll be ready to face a whole new day, no matter what your little one has in store for you.

Use Beauty Products That Do Double Duty

When taking a shower or bath, focus on beauty products that can offer double the benefit. For example, choose a shower gel that has moisturizers in it, so you don’t have to spend time afterwards, or a shower gel that lathers and foams, so it can be used to help you shave. By doubling up on products that will help you get two jobs done instead of one, you will have more time to take care of other needs, while still handling what needs to be taken care of. Having regular showers where you feel clean and have a close shave can go a long way in allowing you to feel like yourself again, even with a little one who needs all your extra time.

Choose Outfits That Are Comfortable And Fashionable

While it may seem tempting to sleep in PJs all day long, getting dressed can go a long way in making you feel like a human again. Pick an outfit that is soft and comfortable, so you can still go about your daily routine, while taking care of your baby, and catching a nap when you can. Clothing such as soft leggings paired with comfortable shirts and sweaters can help you feel dressed, pretty, and relaxed, while still allowing you to be relaxed enough to catch a quick nap while you can. New mothers may not find it easy to feel pretty and go back to their old selves as quickly as they used to. Thanks to a few little tricks, such as glamorous hair extensions that allow them to feel like a whole new individual, and products that double on job duties, it doesn’t have to be hard.