Nov 22, 2022

Up-close image of clip-in hair extensions

Are you looking to achieve long, voluminous, and luscious hair? Are you concerned that your hair extensions may be visible? Stop letting your short hair prevent you from having the hair of your dreams!

You don't need long, healthy hair to achieve the result you want. Getting stunning, photo-worthy hair is now as simple as popping a few extension clips into place. However, if you don't know how to blend extensions with short hair, your potentially magnificent hair could be quite the opposite. 

Keep reading to learn how to blend extensions with short, thin hair so you feel confident and beautiful every day. 

Types of Hair Extensions

Before you can learn how to blend short hair with long extensions, you must first determine which type of hair extension is best for you. After all, not all hair extensions are created equal.

You should always purchase high-quality Remy human hair extensions because they keep the cuticle intact, which makes the hair look more natural and silky. Remy human hair extensions are the best quality extensions available for blending with short hair.

Hair extensions for women with short hair come in a variety of types, including tape-in extensions and sew-in extensions. These are semi-permanent choices that integrate beautifully with your hair; however, they must be installed by a professional stylist.

Clip-in hair extensions are a great alternative if you want extensions that you can install in the comfort of your home and take out whenever you please. They are simple to use, adaptable, and provide you with the most volume and length.

How to Blend Extensions With Short, Blunt Hair 

Woman applying clip-in hair extensions with her hair parted

Follow these tips to blend your extensions perfectly with your natural hair. 

Choose extensions that are thick 

When learning how to blend extensions with short hair, remember that more is better. If you have short hair, you'll need hair extensions with a lot of covering. The thicker the extensions, the more they will conceal your short hair. Choosing a thicker set of extensions will help your hair look more bouncy and natural.

Style your hair 

To get the right blend, your natural hair should be the same texture as your hair extensions. This can be accomplished by styling them together or separately. If your hair extensions are already curled, all you have to do is curl your natural hair to match them.

When you style your hair extensions with your natural hair, you'll be able to combine the two perfectly. The best way to do this is to separate your hair at the bottom and work your way up. Remy hair extensions can endure high temperatures, but always remember to use a heat protectant.

Divide your hair 

When learning how to blend extensions with short, thick hair, it's essential to know how to separate your hair in order to effectively install your extensions. 

If you have clip-in hair extensions, place them beneath the top layer of hair, near the occipital area. Simply divide your hair, clip the top layer up, clip in your extensions, and then continue to style them.

Blend, blend, blend! 

After you've clipped in your hair extensions, carefully brush through your hair to blend your natural hair and hair extensions together. Once you've achieved the desired effect, you can admire how well the hair extensions blend in with your natural hair. 

If your ends are sticking out, consider using a serum to help them adhere to the hair extensions. However, avoid applying serum too close to your roots, since this may cause your hair to appear greasy. 

By following our expert advice, you can rest assured that your hair will blend effortlessly and look natural, beautiful, and lustrous. 

Now that you know how to blend extensions with short hair, it’s time to purchase high-quality, long-lasting extensions. 

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