Jan 28, 2018

Women often wonder how they can find the best hair extensions around. If you are wondering how you can ensure that your hair extensions are of the utmost quality, we are here to help you. The best hair extensions on the market can last up to three years. If you are looking for hair extensions that will last this long, there are several important criteria that you need to assess. This article will explain what you should be looking for in the luxury hair extensions that you purchase.

Human Hair

Real hair extensions are always made from human hair. Do not settle for anything less. Believe it or not, lesser hair extension companies take shortcuts of all kinds. One of the most popular shortcuts is using animal hair for hair extensions. Yes, animal hair is cheaper, but they are far inferior to hair extensions that are made from human hair. They will not look as good, feel as luxurious, or last as long as hair extensions made from human hair.

100% Remy

Speaking of quality, hair extensions have different quality ratings that reflect the quality of the hair used. The one you want to look for is 100% Remy. This is a sure indicator that you are buying some of the best hair extensions available.


It is not just the material that is important: the process is important as well. That is why you want to be sure that you are purchasing hair extensions that have been knotted (ideally triple knotted) by hand. This process can actually take several weeks to complete. But as you will see, the end certainly justifies the means. Handmade hair extensions last longer and feel better than machine made hair extensions. That is why we recommend that you find a company that specializes in actual handmade hair extensions.

Fully Customizable

We also recommend that you find a company that specializes in fully customizable hair extensions. You should be able to customize your hair extensions in the following ways:clip in hair extension
  • Color
  • Cut
  • Style
This means that you can take your hair extensions to a certified hair extension stylist to have them cut, colored, and/or styled just as you would your natural hair. Not all hair extensions can be customized in this way, unfortunately. This is why it pays to shop around for hair extensions that can be fully customized.

Clip In

We also highly recommend that you shop around for clip in hair extensions, as opposed to sew ins. Clip ins are far more convenient than sew ins—just ask any busy mom on the go. Busy women (and women in general) appreciate the fact that they can easily snap their hair extensions in, without having to waste precious minutes. After all, time is a scarce commodity for women on the go. So if you are looking to purchase some new hair extensions, it is best to get 100% Remy, handmade, human, clip in hair extensions. You definitely will be glad you did.