Jun 02, 2020

When you want to add depth, length, and beautiful volume to your natural hair, clip in extensions are fantastic for achieving that. Rocking those clip in extensions will give you the option to change up your look with a click of a clip, whether you are looking to add a bit of extra oomph or some highlights or color.

You have a multitude of styles that you can choose from with the incredible options available today, from 100 percent Remy human hair to high-end synthetic. And since it is the most cost-effective solution for the price and top quality lasts, most hair extensions users go for the 100 Remy human hair options.

Making the Most of Your Clip in Extensions

You will want to ensure that you preserve the lifespan of your clip-in extensions apart from keeping them looking fabulous and fresh for as long as possible when you invest in your top quality clip in extensions with a brand like The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection hair is made of 100 percent Remy human hair, and you can treat and style it like your natural hair.

Clip in Extensions’ Storage

Since a good habit is equal to longer lasting extensions, you may want to consider getting into a useful storage routine with your clip in extensions. Indeed, you want longer lasting extensions, and putting them away takes a few minutes.

Clip in Extensions Storage Routine

  • Close shut all of the clips after you have removed your clip in extensions.
  • By starting at the ends and slowly going to the roots, use your hair treatment as you brush each weft.
  • You can use either a storage case or storage box to put your clip in extensions.
  • Store your clip in extensions in a dry or cool place like a closet, cabinet drawer, or a dresser, always away from direct sunlight. Also, ensure your clip in extensions are completely dry to guard against mold and other bacteria from growing when you want to store them.

Storage Options

You can use a shoebox, an airtight container, or a box to store your clip in extensions. And before you place them into a box, ensure that they are completely dry. Otherwise, mold or other bacteria can grow.

Also, you can store your clip in extensions in the carrier case. The first thing to do is to fold down the hook so you can open up the hanger. Then, with the hanger bar below the wefts, place your clip in extensions onto the rack. Next, to close the hanger, lift the hook. Once the rack is closed, your clip in extensions should feel secure.

Then, you will unzip the clip in extensions you get from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. At the top, as you slide in the extensions, move the hanger through it. The next thing is to hang it in your closet for future use and zip the case when your clip in extensions is neatly inside. You can stick it into your luggage, button it in place, roll the carrier up, or fold the hanger if you’re traveling without having to worry about it unraveling.