Jul 20, 2023

A woman looks in the mirror and identifies her face shape

There is a myth that once you purchase a wig, you’re stuck with one style forever. That’s why choosing the right wig for your face seems like such a high-stakes situation! 

The truth is that professionals can cut and style high-quality lace front human hair wigs just like natural hair. If you select a wig that’s longer than your ideal style, you can bring it to a licensed stylist. They’ll be able to consult with you personally and offer advice about the perfect cut. From there, they’ll make a few adjustments that will help bring out your best features. 

Not only that, but 100% European Remy hair wigs look shinier and more natural than synthetic hair wigs. You can even dye them to perfectly suit your coloring. All that to say, starting with a great wig means you’ll end up with a versatile style that suits you!

If you’re unsure what styles might flatter your face, our face shape guide will help. We’ll describe the seven different face shapes and the most flattering styles for each. We’ve even recommended one great wig from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection that will look incredible on each face shape. 

Continue reading to discover your perfect, no-stress style!

Identify Your Face Shape

Choosing the best wig for your face shape begins with identifying what your face shape is. Stylists typically identify seven distinct shapes. Each shape has at least one spectacular style that suits the wearer best. 

To determine your face shape, stand in front of a well-lit mirror. If you have hair, pull it back from your face in a ponytail, headband, or bandana. You should be able to see your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and chin. Your facial proportions will determine your face shape categorization. 

Round Face Shape 

You might have a round face shape if you notice a wide, broad hairline. Women with round faces often have full cheeks. This face shape tends to be as long as it is wide and very symmetrical. 

If you have a round face shape, pick a wig that:

  • Is shoulder length or longer
  • Includes longer, outward-facing layers
  • Incorporates a side-swept bang

Avoid bobbed wigs or wigs with inward-facing layers, which tend to be unflattering on round faces.

We recommend: “The Dana” cut to incorporate more layers and a sassy bang!

Heart Face Shape

Women with heart-shaped faces have wider foreheads, prominent cheekbones, and a narrow chin. In other words, this shape is the widest at the top of your face. It gets narrower as you approach the chin. 

If you have a heart face shape, pick a wig that:

  • Is chin-length or shorter
  • Incorporates side-swept bangs
  • Includes inward-facing layers
  • Is fullest around the jaw

We recommend: “The Rose” with its bouncy, chin-length volume. 

Square Face Shape

Women with square-shaped faces have pronounced chins and foreheads of approximately equal width. Individuals with this face shape have angular jawlines. 

If you have a square face shape, pick a wig that:

  • Is longer than chin length
  • Incorporates full bangs 
  • Includes texture from layers 
  • Allows a deep side part 

We recommend: “The Claire Balayage” cut to incorporate some stylish bangs. 

Ovular Face Shape

You might have an oval-shaped face if your forehead is slightly wider than your chin. Women with oval faces have jaws that are narrower than their cheekbones. Typically, the length of an oval face is about 1.5x the width. It tends to be very proportionate. 

If you have an oval face shape, pick a wig that:

  • Has layers near the cheeks or chin
  • Is any length
  • Incorporates bangs of all types

Due to its proportions, nearly any style looks great on an oval face! Feel free to get adventurous and experiment with shaggier or asymmetrical styles. 

We recommend: “The Jenny” with its spunky layers!

Rectangular or Oblong Face Shape

A reference graphic depicting six different women’s face shapes

The rectangular or oblong face shape is longer than it is wide. It’s different from the oval face shape because your chin is often narrower. 

Those with stronger jawlines might describe their face shape as rectangular. Those with more round features might describe their face shape as oblong. Both variations look good in similar wig styles. 

If you have a rectangular or oblong face shape, pick a wig that:

  • Is chin-length or shorter
  • Is thick and voluminous (even curly!)
  • Incorporates short layers
  • Includes thick bangs

We recommend: “The Tinsley” with its chin-length bouncy volume. 

Triangular or Pear Face Shape

You might have a pear or triangular-shaped face if your forehead is your smallest facial feature. Usually, your jawline is your widest feature. The shape should be similar to a triangle. It will be narrowest at the top and widest toward the base.

If you have a triangular or pear face shape, pick a wig that:

  • Is chin-length or shorter
  • Incorporates texture or layers 
  • Includes long or thick bangs
  • Allows for a side-part

We recommend: “The Keira” with its gorgeous texture, short length, and long bangs. 

Diamond Face Shape

If you have a diamond-shaped face, your cheekbones are usually the widest part of your facial structure. You may also have a stronger jawline. Furthermore, women with diamond-shaped faces have narrower chins and foreheads of approximately equal width. 

If you have a diamond face shape, pick a wig that:

  • Features a lob or bob style
  • Incorporates lots of layers and texture
  • Includes straight bangs 
  • Is fuller at the chin 

We recommend: “The Marilyn” with its gorgeous texture and bob-length style. 

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection: Gorgeous Wigs for All Different Face Shapes

Whatever your face shape, there is a beautiful wig for you in The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. If you need help choosing a wig for your face shape, our style consultants are here to help! All you have to do is text a photo of your face to (864)-590-8924. We’ll get back to you with expert advice ASAP!

In the meantime, shop our collection of luxury hair wigs and fall in love with your hair again!