Feb 14, 2019

Hair extensions have become hugely popular lately, and women are buying them up all over the country (and world). Many women who are buying hair extensions for the first time wonder how they can find the best hair extensions. This article will serve as a helpful guide. The indicators below are things to look for in the best extensions, and sure signs of hair extension quality and convenience.

The Best Hair Extensions Are Clip In

In our opinion, the absolute best hair extensions are clip ins. There are many reasons that we feel that clip in extensions are superior to sew in extensions. For one thing, clip in extensions tend to stay put. Quality clip in extensions will clip into the roots of your hair in such a way that they will not easily become dislodged. This gives you confidence as you are going about your day. The other reason that we believe clip in extensions to be far superior to sew in extensions is that clip ins are much more convenient. Clip ins allow you to add volume in a snap—the same cannot be said for sew in extensions.

The Best Hair Extensions Are Handmade

We also believe that the best hair extensions are handmade. The process of making hair extensions by hand can be quite painstaking, but it yields much better results. Extensions that are made by hand not only look and feel better; they last longer as well. In fact, handmade hair extensions can last up to three years. In the long run, this will save you a lot of money over having to repeatedly purchase hair extensions. This is why you should always look for hair extensions companies that sell handmade extensions.

The Best Hair Extensions Are Fully Customizable

Another common aspect of all the best hair extensions is that they are fully customizable. Having fully customizable hair extensions means having hair extensions that you can color any way you would like. You can simply go to a salon and have them colored. Having fully customizable hair extensions also means that you can cut your hair extensions anyway you would like. It also means being able to have your hair extensions styled in whatever style you choose. Again, you would go to a certified stylist and have your hair extensions styled the same way you would your natural hair.

The Best Hair Extensions Are Made From Human Hair

It should go without saying, but the best hair extensions are made from human hair. You may be surprised to learn how many companies make their hair extensions from materials other than human hair. The best hair extensions also happen to be 100% Remy. This is the highest grade given to human hair extensions. It is also the quality rating that you should be looking for when you purchase your hair extensions. Anything less than this rating simply won’t do.