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Jun 13, 2024

This might sound bold, but no one wants to wear a wig that looks fake. Every woman wants to know how to make her lace front wig look more realistic. From styling to make the front hairline look more natural to lace front wigs made from human hair, we have advice for you!

Lace front wigs can be beautiful and highly realistic when worn correctly. Although properly styling a wig for the first time may feel like a challenge, we believe you can do it. Also, practice makes perfect! Keep reading to learn our favorite hacks for making your lace front wigs look natural and real.

Making Your Wig Look Natural

A little bit of effort can transform the look of a wig. When you follow our best practices for wig wearing, your lace front will be indistinguishable from a full head of your own hair. If you’re new to wigs, know that wearing them can be a skill. You may not pull it off perfectly the first time, but with practice no one will clock your wig.

Don’t get daunted before you begin. From selecting the right wig to washing it correctly, we have your back!

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Buying Your Wig

Making a lace front wig look natural requires some advance preparation. You will need to select a wig in an appropriate color for your skin tone or have your hairdresser color match your natural color. If you don’t buy a custom color wig or get it professionally colored, it may not look realistic. One-colored wigs may lack the dimension required to look natural.

The wig may not be the only purchase you make. Depending on how much hair you have, you may need a wig gripper. You may also need lace front adhesive. We recommend always doing a patch test to check for skin reactions!

Some wig companies offer wigs in various sizes. Other brands (like The Lauren Ashtyn Collection) offer adjustable wig caps.

If you are purchasing a wig by size, keep in mind that wig sizing is not universal. You could wear a different wig size in two different brands. Measure twice, buy once!

Caring for Your Wig

Just like the hair on your head, wig hair needs special care to look beautiful. You should wash your wig at least once every six wears. Clean and condition your wigs with gentle products, avoiding sulfates, alcohols, parabens, and phthalates. Wash both the lace and the hair, and do not shower with the wig on.

You can use hair masks and other moisturizing products to keep your wig as healthy and luxurious as possible. We also recommend using a heat protectant when heat styling your wigs. Heat is one of the quickest ways to damage and dry out hair. If you take good care of human hair wigs, they will last many years!

Find more wig care tips here.

Wearing Your Wig

The most daunting part of a lace front wig to newbies is the lace itself. You will need to cut and possibly glue the lace, or the hairline will be a tell. We recommend cutting the lace in a tiny wavy or zigzag line to avoid harsh lines. If the hairline seems too full, you can carefully tweeze baby hairs away.

If the lace still won’t blend after trimming and gluing it, you can try a lace melting spray. Alternately, some makeup blended right at your hairline can make a significant difference in hiding the lace.

Before you wear your wig out for the first time, you may want to see a hairdresser for a trim. Even the most gorgeous wigs won’t come cut and styled specifically for you. Therefore, a haircut can help the wig frame your face better.

Lastly, before wearing your wig, check that the knots at the scalp don’t look too harsh. If you have fair skin, you may want to have them bleached so they look more natural.

If you have a full head of your own hair, you will need to secure it carefully before placing your wig. For mid-long length hair, we recommend French braids. When placing your wig, remember to line it up with the location of your natural hairline.

This blog post is full of more great tips and products to use to make your wig look more natural.

How to Make a Synthetic Lace Front Wig Look Natural

Synthetic hair wigs are a go-to for many women because of their affordability. Unfortunately, these manmade wigs often have a lesser quality to pair with their lower price. That might sound pretentious, but we aren’t hair snobs! Although The Lauren Ashtyn Collection only carries human hair products, synthetic hair wigs have come a long way.

Most of our tips for styling human hair lace front wigs will transfer to synthetic lace fronts, as well. Keep in mind that synthetic wigs require specialized care! You won’t be able to use your regular cleaning and styling products on synthetic hair. High heat is also extremely damaging to synthetic wigs, so take care when heat styling.

For synthetic-specific care techniques, we recommend watching this video.

Hacks for Making a Wig Look Less Fake

At the end of the day, the most natural-looking wigs are always human hair. From the way it styles to how it lies to its shine, Remy human hair is hands down the superior choice for wigs. All the hair hacks in the world don’t make up for the difference in quality between 100% Remy hair and its alternatives.

At The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, we don’t believe in shortcuts. Each strand of hair in our extensions, toppers, and wigs is triple-knotted by hand, then attached to a unique micromesh base. The effort and quality in our product lines sets us apart.

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