Sep 22, 2018

Thinning hair is something that can affect any woman at any time. Yes, thinning hair is more common among older women, but it is a problem that younger women face as well. Women of all ages can be affected by thinning hair. The good news, however, is that there are many things that women can do to reduce the effects of hair loss, as well as to compensate for it. Following the tips listed in this article will help you overcome hair loss, if it is a problem that you are facing. Read below to find out more about how you can combat thinning hair.

Beware Of Styles That Pull On The Hairline

There are many popular hairstyles, such as braids, cornrows, and ponytails that pull on the hairline. The stress this creates can actually cause hair follicles to fall out at a faster rate. In order to stop hair loss from progressing even faster, it is recommended that you wear looser hairstyles.

Avoid High Heat As Much As Possible

Styling tools that use high heat, such as curling irons and straighteners, can also accelerate hair loss. This is because high temperatures weaken the strands of your hair, causing them to fall out faster. It is recommended that you let your hair dry naturally as much as possible. If you do use “high heat” tools, it is important that you do not leave them on the same portion of your hair for too long. It is also a great idea to use a heat protectant spray before applying heat.

hair topperPurchase Clip In Extensions

Perhaps the best weapon in your fight against hair loss is a clip in hair topper. This is a quick, convenient, and natural way to make your hair lush and full. And you do not have to sacrifice style either. The best hair toppers are fully customizable with regard to color, cut, and style, which means that you can find the topper that reflects your unique style. When searching for a hair topper for thinning crowns, find one that uses 100% Remy human hair.

Eat The Right Foods

There are some foods that are more conducive to hair growth, and maintaining a healthy head of hair. Vitamins like B12, and minerals like zinc and iron are known for aiding hair growth (and stemming hair loss). Foods that are high in these vitamins and minerals include leafy vegetables, fish, and nuts. As an added bonus, these foods help increase your overall health as well. Supplements containing these vitamins and minerals can also be helpful, but getting these nutrients the natural way is preferred.

Beware Of Chemicals

Many hair products contain chemicals that can actually harm your hair, causing it to thin faster. If you suffer from hair loss, it is recommended that you do not bleach your hair, chemically straighten it, or lighten it. The chemicals that are used in these processes can weaken the strands of your hair. This is why we recommend that you treat your hair naturally as often as possible.