Mar 04, 2017

Split ends can be a hassle. From causing brittle and breaking hair to ruining a stylish look, split ends are no good. Split ends also reduce growth retention and can be the cause of other hair problems, such as thinning. Regular trips to the salon can aid in preventing this hair nightmare, but there are also home remedies that will get the job done.


Dusting is lightly trimming the ends of hair strands but not quite as much as a shop trim. Basic hair and trimming scissors can be purchased at any hair and beauty store or boutique. Dusting hair is an easy process. Section the hair by row and search for ends that need trimming. Things to look for are the beginning of split ends and knots. Unlike a professional trim which cuts all of the hair, dusting is simply cutting less than a quarter of an inch off only the damaged strands.

Protective Styling

The best way to battle split ends is to prevent them happening in the first place! Protecting hair from damage that can be caused by heat styling, heavy products or everyday wear and tear is a great way to prevent split ends. Protecting the hair from this damage will ultimately reduce the amount of split ends. Protective styling is meant to create long lasting looks that require little to no daily maintenance. Minimally manipulating hair leaves no room for split ends. A fun protective style can be achieved with clip in hair extensions. Adding clip in hair extensions to a hairdo opens the door for low maintenance styling. Just clip in and go! clip in hair extensions

Eggs and Other Natural Remedies

Split ends can be caused by weak hair prone to breakage. This can be the result of the hair needing extra protein. Additional protein will produce stronger hair. Use eggs as a protein boost. Create a hair treatment by adding eggs to conditioner and apply to hair, focusing on the ends. Eggs are also useful when mixed with other natural ingredients such as olive oil, honey, or coconut oil for instant strength and shine. Olive oil, honey, coconut oil and even mayonnaise can be equally as helpful on their own. Mixed together, with conditioner or separately, each item has natural components that are conducive to healthy hair. Along with the previously mentioned products, include shea butter and argan oil. Purchasing products such as hair shampoo and conditioners that contain these ingredients are also beneficial in preventing split ends.
Avoid Harshly Styling Hair
It is easy to damage hair when washing. Cooler water will do the least amount of damage and also provide shine. Use cool water instead of warm or hot when shampooing the hair. While the hair is wet, it is most vulnerable. Brushing wet hair can create tangles that lead to devastating split ends. Wet hair is more fragile than when dry. Be gentle with wet or damp hair. Use plastic wide tooth combs on wet hair to avoid any unwanted damage. Take precautionary steps such as always using a heat protectant before blow drying to ensure not to further split ends. Opting for a towel dry? Instead or rubbing a rough towel back and forth, wrap hair in a towel and let it absorb the unnecessary moisture. When using tools such as curling irons, avoid setting to the highest temperature. Heat damage is a leading cause of split ends. Bypass products that contain harmful chemicals or even hair accessories that can be hard on hair. At the end of the day, try sleeping with a silk or satin pillow case versus cotton. The smoother material will support healthier hair.