Apr 13, 2023

Hair stylist installs clip-in hair extensions on a client

Ready to get your glam on, but not sure how to put in clip-in extensions yourself? Check out our easy-to-follow guides for two types of hair extensions: individual wefts and halo extensions. Whether you want to add fullness to your thin hair or you have short hair but crave luxurious length, both options can work beautifully to add volume and length. 

Inserting a Full Set of Individual Clip-in Extension Wefts

When you apply clip-in hair extensions one weft at a time, you can create a custom look – but it will take some time and practice to achieve the perfect look.

Step 1: Pull Back The Upper Section of Your Hair

For each of the hair pieces you want to insert, lift up and secure the top section of your hair with a claw clip or hair tie. Start toward the bottom, creating a horizontal part a few inches above the nape of your neck. Leave the bottom section of your natural hair hanging loose. 

Make sure that each part you create runs straight horizontally across your head so the extensions will be inserted evenly.

Step 2: Back-comb Your Roots Along the Horizontal Part

Use a fine-toothed comb to gently back-comb the roots of the bottom section of hair, near the horizontal part. This provides some extra hair texture for the extension clips to grip into.

Step 3: Clip One Weft To Your Natural Hair

Open all of the clips on one of the hair extension wefts. With the hair ends hanging down, hold the top of the extension with the clips on it along the horizontal part you created. 

Align the middle clip at the center-back of your horizontal part. Angle the clip up into your roots and then angle it down for a stronger grip, then close the clip around your natural hair. Smooth the weft along the part and repeat the process to insert all of the clips.

Step 4: Let Down Your Hair and Repeat the Process for Each Weft

Loosen the tied-up section of your natural hair to let it fall down over the weft. Repeat the same steps for each additional weft, creating another horizontal part several inches above the previous one.

If your extension set includes smaller wefts for the sides of your head, insert them so they line up with your temples, a couple of inches away from your hairline. Small wefts can be added wherever you need to fill in the gaps to create the appearance of thick hair overall.

Installing Clip-in Halo Hair Extensions

Woman attaches clip-in hair extensions in the mirror

Compared to adding one clipped-in weft at a time, halo hair extensions are much quicker to install, meaning you can get ready and get out the door faster.

Step 1: Pull up the Hair Around Your Crown

Leave the front two inches of hair hanging loose around the sides of your face. Then, pull back the top section of your hair. Aim to create a U-shaped part that scoops down and around your crown, about halfway down your head. 

Use a claw clip or hair tie to secure this section of hair at the top of your crown. Tuck in any loose ends to keep them out of the way.

Step 2: Hold the Halo Hair Extensions in Place

Lift up the halo hair extensions with the monofilament up and the ends of the hair hanging down. Align the weft of hair along the U-shaped part you created, lining up the center of the weft with the center-back of your head. 

Gently pull the microfilament piece over the top of your crown, passing it over the hair you secured at the crown. Set it down like a headband along your head. It should sit just behind the two-inch section of your own hair you left loose framing your face. Adjust the monofilament to ensure a snug fit around your head.

Step 3: Secure the Hair Clips

Open up the clips on the top edge of the weft, and secure them to your roots, one at a time. Angle the clip up into your roots for a better grip, and then flip it down to nestle it into your hair. Then, close the clip. It should grip onto your natural hair without tugging.

Step 4: Let Down the Top Section of Your Hair

Once you smooth out the top of your natural hair over the halo, you’ll see that the extensions blend in seamlessly with such little effort.

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