Jul 06, 2017

Such a gorgeous season should call for some excitement! Waking up daily to the same regimen can be a comfortable, yet boring lifestyle. The ease of a non-dramatic schedule with few or no surprises may be peaceful for a while, but the lack of thrill will eventually lead to boredom. It is easy to fall into a drab cycle; however, there are simple ways to keep things fresh to avoid a monotone summer. Here are some ideas to add some spice to a lackluster summer.

Change Your Hair

The perfect way to jazz up your summer is by changing your look and where better to start than your hair? Changing your hair is not just a way to add styling fun to your summer; adopting a new look can boost confidence and open new doors. Your new style will add an element fun to any boring summer, whether it is subtle or drastic. Add some hair extensions for a brand new long and flowy hairdo or chop off your already long hair. Even a splash of color can make a huge difference. Highlights, ombre or a full head dye job can wake-up the energy in anyone person’s life. customized hair extensions

Plan A Staycation

Enjoy the wonders of city life without leaving the town in which you reside. Plan a staycation with your family or friends. There are many ways to enjoy vacation-inspired activities while at home. If planning at home, decorate your backyard for a day of home activities, rent out an outdoor screen and have a super cool movie night, use a home swimming pool to stage a faux beach or have an afternoon of DIY activities. The possibilities are endless! Enjoy your staycation by seeking out hidden gems in your town that you or your family and friends are unfamiliar with. Hiking, outdoor concerts, boat rides and more can all be done without traveling to another city.

Have A Ladies Night

There is nothing better to spice up your summer than your best gal pals. The stress of work and life can be redeemed by a great night with the girls. Spend the day at the spa catching up and relaxing in a peaceful, serene environment. Get dressed up and hit the town for the evening, having a few drinks and dancing the night away. Go the extra mile and rent a limo chauffer for the night or book a hotel room for a good night’s sleep. The memories created this night will be discussed for weeks to come and last a lifetime.
Get A Summer Reading List
Reading is a simple way to add excitement to a boring summer. It is a great way to escape the real world and follow the lives and times of vibrant characters in magnificent scenery. A good book can take a reader on a journey with wild twist and turns. There are endless genres and subgenres so there is a piece of literature to satisfy anyone’s curiosity. A good idea is to read a series of more than one books and set a target goal to be finished. Joining a book club is also a great way to be introduced to great reads and greater people.