Aug 23, 2023

A woman looks worried as she holds up a pair of scissors as if to cut her bangs

Bangs have been in style for ages and the trend isn’t ending anytime soon. They can help frame your face, balance your proportions, and keep you feeling confident in your style.

Now that you’re rocking a wig from The Lauren Ashtyn collection, it’s time to get styling! Our licensed stylists love nothing more than teaching clients how to style a wig with bangs. We’ve created this guide to share their wisdom and help you achieve your perfect look.

Keep reading to learn how the pros achieve gorgeous wig hairstyles with bangs.

How to Achieve Wig Styles With Bangs

The luxury human hair wigs in The Lauren Ashtyn collection couldn’t be more versatile. Because we hand-tie our 100% European Remy human hair, you can achieve any sort of part.

One of our favorite features is that our licensed stylists can cut our wigs to any style you would like. That means you can transform any of the wigs in our collection into a human hair wig with bangs!

Each of our wigs is pre-styled to frame the face, and many are already shorter in the front. This makes it easier for a stylist to gather the bang section and trim the correct length. It’s easier to cut the perfect bangs when your wig is on your head.

A high-quality human hair wig is an investment. With that said, please leave the job to a licensed stylist with experience cutting and styling lace front wigs! If you botch an at-home haircut, the hair will not grow back!

What Type of Bangs are Best?

A woman blow dries her bangs to achieve the perfect style

Not all bang styles are ideal for every face shape. Furthermore, some types of bangs are higher-maintenance than others. The key to rocking this look is choosing the right bangs for your face and lifestyle.

Here are a few of the most popular bang styles, according to our pro stylists.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are shorter at the center and become longer toward your temples. Most women wear curtain bangs with a center part. This provides a timeless vintage look that’s very much in style. It elongates the face, making it ideal for both round and square face shapes.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are the traditional style you probably think of when you picture bangs. They are all one length across the forehead. They usually stop at or below your brow line.

Some women believe these bangs are high maintenance. A wig with blunt bangs is much less work than maintaining them with natural hair. You never have to trim them to keep them out of your eyes!

Side Swept Bangs

If you love wearing a side part, you might like these lengthy, layered bangs. With this style, the majority of hair tends to angle toward one side of the face. This is a great option for women with round faces. It provides framing and can even hide wrinkles around the eyes!

Long Feathered Bangs

Long feathered bangs look like you’ve grown them out. They usually fall to your jawline, framing your face. They are perfect for women with square or heart-shaped faces. It’s easier to achieve this style if you start with a longer wig.


Microbangs (or "baby bangs") are super short bangs that stop above the browline. They are easy to maintain because there is less hair involved. With that said, this is definitely an edgier and more youthful style. It’s ideal for women with oval faces, as it adds flattering angles.

Tips for Styling a Wig With Bangs

The luxury wigs in The Lauren Ashtyn Collection are always 100% European Remy human hair. That means they can stand up to occasional heat styling. Always apply a heat protectant before blow drying, straightening, or curling your wig.

Once your stylist has cut bangs into your wig, you can style them like you would your natural hair. After a wash, consider blowing them out using a flat brush. If you blow them out side-to-side, you’ll eliminate bends and cowlicks. If you blow them out downward, you’ll keep things sleek and smooth.

If you’re looking to keep your bangs off your face, consider twisting them and pinning them back. You can pin longer bangs behind your ears. Shorter bangs look cute pulled up and pinned to the top of your head.

We also love accentuating bangs with cute headbands!

Embrace Your Beautiful Bangs

A stylist can cut bangs into any wig in The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. That means all lengths, colors, and textures are fair game. Are you ready to embrace your perfect style? Shop our collection of luxury hair wigs and reclaim your confidence.