May 13, 2022

Woman with natural hair locs

For years, locs have been viewed as a restrictive hairstyle.

If you have locs, you might have thought you tried it all when it comes to styling. In reality, locs are actually extremely versatile, and you can even wear wigs over them!

Now, you are probably wondering how to wear wigs with locs.

While it is a bit more complicated than wearing a wig over your natural hair, there are many ways you can prepare to wear a wig over dreads.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection is here to teach you exactly how to wear wigs with locs and help you achieve the look you desire.

Choose the Right Wig for Your Locs

It is important to know that not every wig will work for everyone’s locs.

For example, if you have longer locs, you don’t want to go for a straight wig or sleek bob wig. Aim for a wig with big curls or waves so any bulkiness will be hidden.

If your dreads are shorter, you should be able to wear just about any type of wig. You can go for straight wigs, wavy wigs, curly wigs, asymmetrical wigs… Any type you want!

Can You Wear a Wig Over Sisterlocks?

Yes, you can wear a wig with sisterlocks. Since they are thinner than standard dreads, it is easier to hold them together under your wig. You can braid or twist them easily so they fit under your wig nicely.

Can You Wear a Wig Over Starter Locs?

You can absolutely wear any wig over starter locs. All you need to do is braid or pin them down and wear your favorite wig.

After you choose your wig, you need to know how to apply your wig over locs.

How to Fit Short Locs under a Wig

To fit short locs under a wig, follow these simple steps:

  • Part your loc to match the same part as the wig you will be wearing.
  • Pull your locs into a low pony just as you would with your natural hair.
  • Grab your hair and tuck in your locs with an elastic band to hold it together.
  • Put on a wig cap to cover your locs, and if you need to hold them down more, try using two caps.
  • Put on your wig and use an adhesive to hold down the front of the wig.
  • Tie a scarf on your wig and leave it on as long as possible to flatten it.

How to Fit Long, Thick Locs Under a Wig

Fitting longer locs under a wig can be a little harder, so make sure you have lots of hairpins to hand. Then:

  1. Part your hair in the middle and create 4 or 5 braids on each side. Make sure you start braiding about an inch from your scalp.
  2. Take each braid and bend it to the other side and hold the braid down with hairpins. It should look like a halo when you are finished.
  3. Use two wig caps – one long and one-extra long. Use the extra-long wig cap first, and then use the second one to flatten your hair more.
  4. Finally, put your wig over your locs. Use a bigger wig to hide the bulge and make it look as natural as possible.

Precautions to Take When Wearing a Wig Over Dreads

You should always take care of your locs as your normally would and take proper care of your wigs. Just follow these instructions to make sure you feel confident and beautiful when wearing wigs over locs.

Protect Your Locs

Remember to put on a wig cap before applying a wig over dreads. Not only do they hold down your hair, but they also protect it from damage. Whether your locs are short, long, thin, or thick, you should always cover them up with a wig cap.


Ensure your locs are clean and dried before wearing your wig. Plus, make sure your wig is clean before wearing it over your locs, even if you are wearing a wig cap.

Protect Your Edges

Avoid putting strain on your edges by braiding or rolling your locs loosely. Choose a wig with a cap that matches your skin tone, apply proper wig glue, and move the glue away from your hairline to project your edges.

Expose Your Hair to Air

When wearing a wig over dreads, you might forget about your natural hair. But it is so important to let your natural hair breathe and still wash it every 2-3 weeks. Don’t forget your normal deep clean routine!

Luxury Wigs for Your Locs

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