Aug 23, 2023

A woman in a wig sits poolside and considers whether or not to swim

This has been one of the hottest summers on record. Naturally, ladies across the country are eager to head to the beach or pool to cool down. Now that you’re feeling confident in your Lauren Ashtyn Collection wig, you’re even more eager to show off!

The question, of course, is: Is it possible to swim with a wig on? If so, should you attempt it?

We’ve created this guide to answer that question. We’ll also provide you with options for keeping cool without sacrificing the condition of your wig.

To Swim or Not to Swim?

We recognize that a 100% European Remy human hair wig is an investment. You chose the highest quality wig on the market because you care about the way you look and feel. It makes sense that you’d want to preserve your gorgeous hairpiece for as long as possible.

Just like salt and chemicals can be harsh on your natural hair, they can be harsh on your wig. Your scalp produces sebaceous oils that can keep hair healthy after a dip. While these protect the hair on your head, they won’t do much for your wig.

Both chlorinated and salted water are likely to damage your human hair wig if you wear it while swimming.


Chlorine is a chemical with one job: to keep the water in a swimming pool clean. Unfortunately, it has a few other features that impact hair and skin.

Foremost, chlorine strips natural oils from your scalp. Likewise, it will strip any existing oil from your wig, leaving the hair dry and brittle.

It also tends to dissolve the lipids (or natural fatty acids) in hair. Lipids are responsible for keeping hair looking shiny. They also contribute to its strength. Without those critical acids, your wig will appear dull.

Sea Salt

You probably studied the effects of salt in chemistry class. If so, then you recognize that it draws moisture out of the objects around it.

If you submerge your head in salt water, it will begin to work on the moisture in the hair. This will leave the wig looking dull, brittle, and dry. It’s very difficult to add moisture back to a human hair wig once it begins to dry out.

Ultimately, this will shorten the life and impact the appearance of your gorgeous wig. It can also damage the wig cap, impacting fit.

In conclusion, you can swim with a lace front wig, but you almost definitely shouldn’t.

What if your wig gets wet while you’re relaxing at the pool or beach? Be sure to wash your wig immediately and apply a high-quality leave-in conditioner.

What Should I Do if I Want to Swim in a Wig?

A woman wears a ballcap with extensions as an alternative to a wig while sitting by the pool

Your human hair wig isn’t ideal for the poolside. That doesn’t mean you have to cancel your summer plans! If you still want to swim in a wig, have a synthetic hair wig on hand for swimming purposes.

A synthetic wig won’t look as shiny and natural as a luxury wig from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. Still, it’s a good compromise if you’re eager to cool down. You can often use waterproof wig glue or tape to keep a basic synthetic wig in place.

We also recommend that you wear a swim cap to ensure your wig will stay on in the water. Be careful when you remove it. It’s easy to accidentally remove a wig while removing a tight-fitting swim cap!

Even if your wig is well-attached, skip the line for the diving board. Both diving and jumping into the pool involve force. This force is enough to knock a wig off. There’s nothing more embarrassing than chasing after your wig in the water after a cannonball!

If a synthetic wig isn’t your style, consider an alternative, such as a scarf or ballcap. You can even get extensions sewn into your favorite cap. This creates the illusion of a full head of hair under the hat, even with hair loss.

Keep Your Luxury Wig Looking Its Best

You may not be able to swim with your favorite luxury wig on. That doesn’t mean you can’t look stunning and stylish while lounging by the pool! Get your Lauren Ashtyn Collection wig ready for a day in the sunshine with a spritz of conditioner. It will keep your luxury human hair wig looking fantastic for years to come.

Ready to add a new wig to your collection? Shop our collection of luxury hair wigs and feel confident in any season.