Mar 06, 2020

Hair Toppers Are Best When Made From Human Hair

We have all heard of men experiencing hair loss. A lot of them make an easy transition to total baldness and still look as fine as Mr. Clean! Women, however, don’t usually have the same transition. We are often expected to wear wigs instead of allowing ourselves to go completely bald.

Technology and medicine have allowed for lots of treatments of this totally natural condition. It happens to both men and women at many different stages of life and is nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of women use light volume and full volume human hair toppers to cover up the effects of hair loss/thinning and even the onset of gray hairs. It is totally seamless and easy to do. It’s the best-kept secret since the body shaper!

Causes Of Hair Loss

Let’s get the negative stuff out of the way. We all know that hair loss and grayness can happen as we get older. However, even younger people experience the onset of hair loss. Here are some of the common causes of human hair loss and thinning:

  • Hereditary: It runs in the family
  • Medical condition
  • Medications
  • Radiation therapy: “Chemo”
  • Hormone changes
  • Stress
  • Hairstyles and chemical reactions

As you can see, we lose our hair for a number of reasons. It’s part of the human condition. Sometimes it will grow back and other times it will not. Either way, a human hair topper is a great option to keep your hair looking great and you feeling your best.

Why Go With A Human Hair Topper?

As opposed to a synthetic hair topper, a human hair topper is the highest quality available. We exclusively sell the Remy brand 100% human hair topper because of their special way of handling the hair in transit. This ensures the longest-lasting and healthiest-looking styles.

A Remy hair topper is not the most cost-effective choice for a human hair topper, but that’s not what it’s about. For those who want a totally natural way to achieve their desired hairstyle, we recommend a Remy hair topper from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. With proper maintenance, your human hair topper can last for several months.

No One Will Know

Many women get away with using a human hair topper to cover up the loss of hair or grayness without anyone even guessing. It is totally harmless to the scalp or current hair, especially when using a clip-in hair extension as offered here at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. Some hair toppers come with adhesive tape or glue, but we recommend clip-in human hair toppers. They are easy to use and provide a seamless way of adding a bit of “bump” to the top of your head.

Don’t Wait!

To maintain the integrity of your hair and personal style, schedule a consultation with The Lauren Ashtyn Collection today! This takes all the guess-work out of selecting the proper cut, style, and length for you. Making the leap to get your first human hair topper is an exciting experience!