Jul 10, 2017

Have you ever looked at your favorite celebrities and wonder how they always look fashion forward? From social media stars to a-list Hollywood starlets, fashionistas make chic and stylish seem elementary. Although it may seem farfetched, there are simple steps we can all take to have celeb quality style. From hair to skin to clothes, certain products, practices and trends will elevate day-to-day looks. Become the style star of your campus or office with the following tips.

Your Tailor Will Be Your New BFF

Many style icons can pull off certain looks because of the impeccable fit. The slight altering of a dress or pair of slacks can make a huge difference. Purchasing a suit or gown at a department store or boutique and trying it on is only the first step. Before wearing the garment, visit a tailor or a seamstress and have the item perfectly tailored for your body. The size scale used for clothing is pretty general. Your size may fit and look great but a perfectly tailored finish separates the fashionistas from the rest of the crowd. Even looking up DIY tailoring techniques and implementing them on pieces already in your closet makes a huge difference.

Invest In Hair Extensions

5-6 Full Topper Even the short hairstyles in Hollywood are sometimes finished with real hair extensions. Hair extensions are not only for special occasions or to add length; use hair extensions to add volume and body to your hair on a daily basis. Hair extensions can add to the overall polish of any hairdo. At your next appointment, ask your stylist how they can incorporate full volume hair extensions to your look. You can also use extensions to add trendy colors without temporarily or permanently changing the color of your natural hair. Do not shy away from hair extensions when aiming for effortlessly chic style.

Black Is The New Black

It may seem ornate; however, the best style comes from simplicity. Minimalistic style is the best way to go for winning fashionista style and you will never lose with all black. Monochromatic looks are the easiest method to achieving celebrity-quality style. Wearing all black has many stylish benefits. Black is not only naturally slimming; it can be styled to convey any feeling. As one of the most versatile shades, black can be worn during any season and to any occasion. Put on your favorite all-black outfit and accessorize with bold colors and modern metallic for a fashion-forward pop of color.
No Makeup, Makeup
As it goes with fashion, the simplicity translates to beauty. A major key to nailing an effortlessly stylish look is to not look like you are trying. Instead of attempting a full face of glamour, use minimal makeup with subtle hints of glitz. Opt for a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation for a flawless finish. Play up your natural hues with bronzers and blushes. Tame your brows with a clear brow gel and use mascara or false lashes for the wow factor of your face. Finish off with a simple eyeliner and nude lip.