May 20, 2018

Looking like a professional career woman is often in the details. From the right pop of color and piece of jewelry to set your outfit off, to brightening your makeup and adding hair extensions, this article shares some ideas to perk up your career wardrobe and look.

A-Line Jackets and Feminine Scarves

Splurge a little and purchase a nice A-line trench coat for yourself, one that ties at the waist which will give the illusion of a flared skirt. Why a trench coat? It is simply versatile for literally any and every occasion and the trench have timeless appeal which will be appropriate in any office setting. To set the trench coat off a nice feminine scarf will be needed. Shop around for a silk squared scarf that you can tie delicately around your neck. This look instantly puts some glam into a tired wardrobe and of course, there is nothing at all wrong with every woman wanting a little glamour in their life.


Women who think makeup is boring is clearly not appreciating herself in the proper sort of way and I don’t believe any woman ever said, ‘makeup is boring’. When that daily 9-5 gets to be too much, every woman needs a little pick me up and nothing does that better than experimenting around with makeup, your choices are literally limitless. So, go down to the local mall and into one of the finer department stores and let one of the ladies their help redefine your look and give you a quick makeup re-do and probably get plenty of samples to boot for your effort. So, have a ‘me’ day and have a little makeup fun. Be bold, be daring, be anything but boring – try the bright orange-red lipstick, or the bold yellow eye shadow you saw a runway model wear, blend your nail polish for a color all your own. Be fun and modern. Adding something bright and new to your makeup standbys won’t deviate far from your goal of remaining a professional in your 9-5 apparel-appropriate look.

Real Hair Extensions

customizable hair extensions Another way to look more professional and have fun to is with real hair extensions. Real hair extensions are the single most best kept secret, and tops right up there with eyelash extensions and micro-bladed eyebrows. The key to real hair extensions, which should only enhance your look, is to go to a professional or order online from a reputable company that offers online chat to help you expertly select the type, length, and color that will best suit your style.
A Little Splash of Color
There is no better way to have fun with your office (sometimes boring) office attire than adding some bold and bright colors, and you can do this all while remaining a completely classic lady. A few guidelines would be to select items that might be a little more formula in style and structure, such as a handbag or some very sleek pumps, but select them in a daring and bold color, say, for instance, a bright coral or a brilliant cobalt blue, fire engine red to gorgeous lavender. It is all in the attitude and how you carry yourself that you can pull of such great colors, while again, remaining true to yourself and keeping professional in your attire.
It’s All in the Details
Looking professional and put together really is “all in the details” and often it is in the ‘little’ details. Pay attention to your accessories – take the time to expertly match your jewelry to what you are wearing. Being coordinated and put together does tremendous things for your appeal and your confidence level. It matters what we wear because what we wear impacts the way others see us and in truth, how we see ourselves. Paying attention to the little details sends a powerful message that we are serious, but, can have a tad bit of fun at the end of the day as well.