Maintaining Your High-Quality Hair Extensions

Mar 26, 2019

Hair extensions have the power to drastically alter how we feel and look. They give us the opportunity to achieve the stunning, luscious locks of our dreams without damaging our own natural hair.

However, it's crucial to understand how to maintain hair extensions if you want your hair to appear natural and beautiful. Without the right maintenance, your hair extensions may become matted, dull, or even worse, cause irreparable harm to your real hair.

If you’re wondering if maintaining hair extensions is easy, the answer is yes! With the right advice, you can easily keep your extensions looking amazing. Follow these expert tips so you can make the most of your hair extensions and maintain their stunning appearance for years to come.

How to Maintain Human Hair Extensions

Caring regularly for your hair extensions and giving them the attention they need makes it more likely that they continue to stay and look fresh and healthy for a long time.

Wondering how often do you maintain hair extensions? Really, you should be doing small acts of routine and preventative maintence for your extensions every day. You can maximize your investment by creating a daily routine for maintaining your hair extensions. After all, even though it doesn't come from your scalp, you still paid for it and should treat it like your real hair!

Just as there are small acts of maintenance you do each day for your natural hair, there are a few key things you should be doing to maintain your hair extensions every day.

Even though there are things you can do each day, you want to make sure you’re not overwashing or using too much product on your extensions. You want to find the balance of maintaining your hair extensions’ moisture and shine without loading them down with too much product.

Keep reading for some expert tips and tricks for how to strike this balance and maintain your extensions!

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Hair Extensions

Some people think only of the benefits that hair extensions can bring to their lives; they don’t stop to think about how to care for their hair extensions to make them last longer and look better. But there are some tips to help this process. Below are some of the best tips for maintaining hair extensions.

1. Store Your Extensions Properly

Good caring habits are likely to translate into healthier and long-lasting hair extensions. When it comes to hair extensions, you can’t leave them lying around or lying just anywhere. While there are boxes available within which you can store hair extensions, what you do before storing them is also as important.

If you want to maintain your hair extensions, you should gather all the hair together and brush out the extensions gently from bottom to top. Brushing gently ensures that the hair doesn’t shed or break.

After brushing, what you should do is secure the hair as close as possible to the base of the weft as a ponytail and then roll the extensions into a circle very gently and have it placed in the box.

Always make sure to keep your extensions in a cool, dry location away from the sun. When storing your extensions, make sure they are completely dry to prevent the growth of mold and other bacteria.

2. Prevent Tangling

Hair extensions getting tangled can be very frustrating, to say the least. While it can be annoying, it’s very normal. The reason why it happens is because of the friction that occurs when your natural hair rubs against your hair extensions. Knowing this, you shouldn’t sleep, shower, or swim with extensions on.

One solution to curbing tangles and maintaining hair extensions is constant brushing of your hair extensions. Every time you apply and remove the hair extensions, you should brush them using a wet brush or wide tooth comb. You may also carry a paddle brush along so that wherever you go, you are still able to give your hair a quick brush. Keep in mind that pulling on the hair will cause breakage to the hair that is attached to the extensions, so be gentle with your brushing if the extensions are still attached to your head.

3. Minimize Shedding

When it comes to hair extensions, shedding is inevitable. As you already know, your natural hair is always shedding – usually about 100 strands a day. If your extension is made of natural hair, then you can expect it to shed as long as it lasts. When you brush or style your extensions, they will shed, but that doesn’t mean you should stop brushing!

The best way to reduce shedding is to avoid using too many products on your extensions. The more products you use on your hair extensions, the more you must wash them off and the more you wash them off, the more it causes the hair to dry out which may cause it to shed.

4. Go Easy with High Heat

Extremely high heat will lead to breakage and fizziness and shorten the lifespan of your hair extensions. To maintain your extensions and prevent damage, you should style them only every few days. Always wait until your extensions are completely dry before using heat, and use very few styling products.

5. Keep Extensions Healthy

Hair extensions aren’t like your natural hair so they can’t receive those natural nutrients and oils that your scalp produces into your own hair. Because of this, a key part of maintaining your extensions is to nourish and moisturize them every now and then to keep them looking shiny and healthy.

Use caution with your products, though; make sure you avoid products that have ingredients like alcohol and sulfates, as these can damage your extensions.

6. Invest in High-Quality Hair Extensions

The best hair extensions you can invest in are real human hair extensions, as they will appear the most natural, shiny, and smooth. In particular, Remy hair, which is the best type of human hair for hair extensions, is the highest grade available. Compared to synthetic hair, Remy hair lasts longer, retains shine and strength, and is much easier to maintain and style.

Follow these tips and you can be sure to have your hair extensions lasting for as long as you need them.

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