Mar 10, 2017

Tired of boring hair? Up the energy with hair accessories! Just like with fashion, the right hair accessory can add extra flair to any style. Hair accessories are perfect for those times in between salon trips. They can also become a first option for many types of events. There are several types of hair accessories, ranging from casual to formal. There are some perfect and fun for a lunch date with friends and some that can provide the upscale look for a gala or wedding. The following hair accessories are a must have for everyone.

Flower Crown

The flower crown has been essential to festival style; however, the trend has become a yearlong fad. Flower crowns are an easy way to add delicacy and femininity to even the edgiest looks. The floral head gear can be found in an array of colors and sizes. Some are equipped with huge flowers for a bolder look while some have small flowers for a softer bohemian accent. Flower crowns, sometimes called flower halos can be purchased at many fast fashion retail stores. These can also be a fun DIY project. Grab an elastic headband, a hot glue gun and some flowers and feathers from a craft store. A custom flower crown is a great hair statement.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions Everyone should own a nice set of clip-in hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions can provide extra length, body and volume to a normal hair style, giving a healthier, fuller hair look. Clip-In hair extensions can also be used to achieve styles that would not be completely possible with just your natural hair. The hair pieces are also a staple in many glamorous hair styles. Keep clip-ins on hand to be ready to add length or volume for any reason. Clip-Ins can come in a variety of colors and styles as well. These are a moderately easy way to add color and dimension to hair without the potential damage caused by hair dye and chemicals. Overall, clip-in hair extensions are the way to go.

Decorative Hair Pins and Clips

Hair pins are normally seen as styling tools however, rhinestone, pearl and other adorned hair pins are perfect for finishing a look. Decorative hair pins can come in the form of a spiral, a barrette, a simple clip and more. These accessories are perfect on lazy hair days. If there is not time to complete a style before an event such as a wedding or a night out on the town, opt for a decorative hair accessory. Even with a simple bun or loose bangs, this semi-fancy hair jewelry will take it from basic to bombshell.
Hair Donut
The hair donut is a great accessory to own. This styling tool makes it simple to create a clean and chic bun. These come in an array of shades so it is easy to find one to match any hair color. Hair donuts or hair shapers are typically made out of a light foamy material, allowing the hair to be moveable and soft yet stay in place. Keep these on hands for a quick up-do style.