Jul 20, 2018

For many of us, rush hour starts even before the alarm clock sounds. Most don’t have a moment to spare in the mornings. So, how do you keep the morning mayhem down to a minimum? It doesn’t matter if you are a single parent, parenting team or just a busy executive…mornings are tough. Read further to find just a few tips to help get you out the door a little faster and just a little less frazzeled.


Prepare it the night before and only have to push the start button in the morning. Or, get a coffee maker on a timer and enjoy entering the kitchen to the fragrant smell of a piping hot cup. If you are the one in line to do the carpool or are you are always dashing off before you miss the train or bus to the office, get that thermalized to-go cup out and ready the night before.

volume extensionsHair and Clothes

Do as much with your hair and clothes as you possibly can the night before. Lay out your outfits, make sure they are ironed if necessary, and take your shower the night before. If you must take your shower in the morning, be sure to have all your stuff ready to go in a little basket or bag that you just grab and go. Ladies if you like to mix it up with your hair, enjoying different looks and styles, try some root coverage extensions to change it up, add some volume, and address coverage issues.

Out The Door Box

Wallets, keys, bags, sunglasses, water bottles, bags, and absolute essentials for work need to placed in a box by the door, so all that has to be done is when you get dressed, grab your to-go cup of coffee, and walk to the door and grab your stuff. This eliminates any last minute ‘oh my gosh’ what did I do with this or that frantic panicking that results in stressed commutes or being late.

Avoid Social Media

Social media in the mornings is a BLACK hole. DO not get sucked in. Seriously, is there indeed anything on your FB feed that ‘has’ to be seen before you get out of bed? Turn off those Pinterest alerts and put the phone down and leave those distractions aside until your commute or break time.

Pre-Select Your Breakfast

A small thing, but it can be time-consuming. It’s like prepping your clothes, putting all the breakfast things out the night before (as much as possible) can be a great stress reliever in the mornings. It’s a given; the fewer choices you must make in the morning, the more time you will save. If you eat the same thing every morning, then you are good to go, but if you like to switch things up, then take the time over the weekend to write out a weekly meal plan, especially for breakfast. Be truthful, how many minutes do you waste with the fridge door open, staring blindly into the cold thinking what should I have? All these are such simple steps, but they are huge time savers and stress relievers to help you manage your morning just a little bit easier and be more relaxed for the rest of the day.