Feb 22, 2019

When thinking about purchasing hair extensions, the first question that most women have is “How do I know which hair extensions are the best?” This is totally understandable. As with any product, we want to know that we are getting good value for our money, and that we are making a quality purchase. This article will make that endeavor a little easier for you. Below, you will find five key attributes of quality hair extensions. Read below to find out more.

Look At The Rating

Believe it or not, hair extensions have a quality rating. This rating reflects the quality of the material used. The best hair extensions have a rating of 100% Remy. This is the rating that you should be looking for. Knowing about this quality rating makes shopping for hair extensions a lot easier.

Buy Human Hair Extensions

Honestly, we hate the fact that we even have to make this statement. You would think it would go without saying that hair extensions should be made from human hair. Unfortunately, there are many companies that use cheap, animal hair for their hair extensions. You should avoid these extensions at all costs. And trust us, when you put animal hair extensions side-by-side with human hair extensions, you will notice the difference in quality immediately.

Buy Handmade Hair Extensions

quality hair extensionsWhile the material used in the hair extensions is of the utmost importance, the actual manufacturing process is important as well. As with most products, handmade equals higher quality. At this point you may be asking, “Doesn’t it mean a higher price tag as well?” Yes and no. Hand-knotted hair extensions might cost more money up front, but they last longer as well—up to three years in some cases. In the long run, buying quality handmade hair extensions could actually save you money.

Buy Fully Customizable Hair Extensions

The best hair extensions are fully customizable with regard to cut, style, and color. This gives you the option to style them as you wish. Buying hair extensions that are not fully customizable will leave you “locked in” to the same look. This gets boring real fast. That is why we recommend buying hair extensions that you can cut, color, and style the way that you choose.

Buy Clip In Hair Extensions

The last thing that you should be mindful of when purchasing hair extensions is how you actually put them in and take them out. Sew in hair extensions take time and effort to apply and remove. Clip in hair extensions, on the other hand, can be applied and removed in a snap, with no damage to your own hair. It literally takes seconds. This is why clip in hair extensions have become the preferred choice for:
  • Working women
  • Moms on the go
  • Women who need to quickly get ready for a date
  • Women who simply want to get the most time out of the day
If any of these describes your situation, then clip in hair extensions are definitely the way to go.