Jul 18, 2018

There are just times when you need and want a change. Changes or the re-inventing of oneself, inwardly or outwardly, does not need to break the bank. Sometimes it can be a series of small changes that add up to a positive feeling, new outlook, or new look. Often, all 3 can be achieved at once.

Hair Changes

crown extension Try experimenting with a new look, such as real hair extensions, they can add volume, length, lift and color while providing a variety of ways to style your hair that you did not have as a previous option. Experiment with parting your hair in a different direction or flipping it to the other side of your head. You’ll be amazed at how such simple changes can frame your face differently and give you a new look instantly. Added root coverage that a light volume extension provides can take away your worry if your hair is thinning, helping you feel positive and relaxed.

Accessorize, Accessorize, and then Accessorize

Old wardrobes can easily look new again with simple changes to accessories. Update the items that get noticed the most such as your handbag. The stylist will tell you to make your outfits look more expensive choose a purse that has brass hardware instead of silver, or if you want to have a more modern upgrade add a small black patent leather clutch, as patent always adds a little pop to whatever it is you might be wearing.

Lady In Red

Red is bold. Be bold. Do Red. What most women fail to realize is that despite the boldness of the color, red lipstick is one of the most ‘wearable’ lipstick shades. It is classic and will add instant femininity to your look. There are of course, literally hundreds of shades of red. Don’t overthink your decision. Pick the one you are immediately attracted to and just ‘own’ wearing it.

Manicure Refresh and Update

The care of your nails is ‘not’ a minor detail. The care you take of your nails says a lot about you. A salon manicure is not always necessary but, change it up occasionally, give everyone a little shock and awe by filing your tips straight across and round off just the corners. Choose a vibrant color instead of going for traditional soft pink. There are thousands of shades, don’t be afraid to try more than one.

Ah, The Pointy-Toed Shoe

It may come and go, but it never really goes out forever…why? Experts and stylists will tell you every time that there is nothing more flattering to a woman’s leg than a pointed-toe pump. When a woman puts on a pump, it is as if she instantly pumps up her whole personality and she just sparks and strides in a way that doesn’t happen when you are in flats or ballet shoes, as comfortable and enjoyable as they may be. A simple trick to lengthen the look of your leg is to buy a pair closest to your skin tone.

Happy Eyes

Oh, the things you can do with a deep-blue eye pencil. Ditch the old black and brown. Versatile and pretty, blue just whitens and brightens. Instantly your eyes seem bigger and less tired.