Jun 17, 2020

Achieve Multiple Looks

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has a line of full volume hair extensions that can help you obtain multiple summer hair trend looks this year, and for years to come. Whether you have short or long hair, lifeless or damaged hair, thick or thin hair etc., try these amazing full volume hair extensions and see for yourself what becomes possible. If you are having trouble deciding which summer trend you like best, and would love to try more than one look then these are for you. Prepare to be shocked at the multiple choices you're about to have…

Full Volume Hair Extensions

This line of full volume hair extensions by The Lauren Ashtyn Collection are made from 100% real human European Remy hair, the highest quality grade hair on the market today. They are handcrafted in a 45-day process involving hand-knotting each strand three times and attaching it to a micro-mesh base. They are available in a variety of different multi-dimensional colors, and there are multiple choices in types of extensions. In addition to full volume hair extensions which add fullness, body and length to your own hair, there's also a light volume root coverage extension designed to add a little volume or cover up unwanted gray roots. Or, you can just add length, which you can get in two different lengths.


Other Awesome Facts

These incredible hair extensions are also fully customizable with regard to color, cut and style. With good care they can last up to three years, making them a fantastic investment, as well. They have a unique, clip-in design that attaches securely in just seconds, and it does no damage to your real hair like other methods do. There are dozens of tutorials offered on their website to help you with every aspect of your full volume hair extensions, too. Caring for them is easy, and The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has products specifically designed for these extensions that you can buy on their website, as well, making their care even easier for you. Their customer service is excellent, and representatives are available by phone Or online, with free video consults whenever necessary. They even offer a free hair consultation if you would like assistance in choosing your full volume hair extensions, or even if you just want some expert advice. Financing is also available for those who qualify.

Summer Hair Trends To Try

Some popular summer hair trends to try are braids, from baby braids on either side of your face, to up-do ponytail braids. Bandana hairstyles are popular this summer, and oh-so-cute! Or how about a messy bun or messy up-do? Two-toned summer hair colors are easy to achieve with extensions, as well. And of course, waves or permanents and layered haircuts are more in style in the summertime. The really terrific thing is you can do all of these things with The Lauren Ashtyn Collection's line of luxurious, real hair extensions. So get online and check them out today, so you can get the summer hair trend look you've always wanted, and so much more!