Image of a lady from the side showing off her twist hairstyle

Apr 10, 2024

It’s the season for protective styles, and we’re here to help. 


It’s almost the season of renewal, where blossoms bloom, temperatures rise, and our fashion sense takes on a fresh new vibe. Yes, it's finally springtime—a time for shedding layers (hallelujah), embracing vibrant colors, and of course, revamping our hairstyles. As we happily wave away the winter's chill, it's the perfect moment to breathe life into our natural locks with a touch of creativity and newness. And what better way to embrace the spirit of spring than with a stunning array of twist hairstyles?

Spring not only brings a fresh perspective on fashion but also marks the season for protective styles—hairstyles that not only look fabulous but also shield our natural locks from environmental stressors. With any protective style, ensuring moisture for your natural hair is a necessity. In the colder months, natural hair is prone to snapping, breakage, and dryness, so spring calls for a little more flirtiness when it comes to hair. 

That's where twist hairstyles come into play, offering not only a chic aesthetic but also an effective means of both protecting and nourishing your hair, while showing it off.


From classic braids to elegant updos, twist hairstyles offer versatility, sophistication, and a hint of playful charm—making them the perfect choice for spring. Whether you're looking to add a touch of IT-girl aura to your everyday look or seeking a statement style for a special occasion, we've curated a collection of 11 twist hairstyles that will get you through all season long. 

Join us as we gladly bid farewell to the winter woes and embrace the beauty of spring, because it’s time to twist into the season. 


1. Classic box braids

Image of Zendaya with a twist hairstyle of classic box braids at an award show.


Classic box braids are a timeless twist hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. These braids involve dividing the hair into small sections and braiding it tightly from the roots to the ends. Loved by celebrities across the world, like everyone's favorite Zendaya, box braids offer versatility and durability, making them an excellent choice for the spring season.

Styling tip: Experiment with different braid sizes and lengths to achieve a variety of looks. You can opt for thinner braids for a sleek and sophisticated appearance or thicker braids for a more bold and statement-making style.


2. Passion twists

Image of a female with passion twists posing wearing red lipstick.

Passion twists are going to be everywhere in 2024. It consists of a popular twist hairstyle that combines the elegance of twists with the versatility of braids. These twists are created by intertwining hair extensions with your natural hair to create a textured and voluminous look. Passion twists are perfect for adding dimension and flair to your springtime ensemble, while also being one of the best-looking protective styles around. 

Styling tip: Experiment with different lengths and colors to create a unique and tailored look. It’s spring, so why not add pastels? It’s a must! 


3. Spring knotless braids

picture of Beyonce with knotless braids in a leopard print dress.

Knotless braids have undeniably taken over the natural hair community, and we can see why! Unlike traditional braids, knotless braids start with a small amount of natural hair at the roots, gradually adding extensions as the braid progresses. This technique creates a seamless and natural-looking finish that's perfect for the spring season—and if it’s good enough for Queen Bey herself, then it’s good enough for us. 

Styling tip: Experiment with different braid patterns and partings to create a fun and unique look. You can opt for intricate designs and geometric patterns for a bold and statement-making style or keep it simple with classic braids for a more understated look. Either way, the simpler the better in our opinion. 


4. Goddess locs

Goddess locs are a bohemian-inspired twist hairstyle that’s screaming to be part of the TikTok girlie era. These locs are created by wrapping extensions around your natural hair to create a textured and voluminous look, that gives volume a run for its money. Goddess locs are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy and romance to your springtime look, so we can’t think of anything better for this season. 

Styling tip: Try using different lengths and colors of extensions to give a fun and carefree look. You can opt for long and flowing locks for a dramatic appearance or short and curly locs for a more playful vibe.


5. Chunky Senegalese twists

Image of Senegalese twists in an updo on Storm Reid.


Chunky Senegalese twists are a bold and statement-making twist hairstyle that's perfect for making a statement this spring. These twists are created by dividing the hair into large sections and twisting it tightly from the roots to the ends. Chunky Senegalese twists offer volume, texture, and drama, making them an excellent choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd and look damn fine. A little tip if you're rocking Senegalese twists this season, you can switch them into a high bun like Storm Reid, and be ready for the summer heatwave. 

Styling tip: Experiment with different lengths and thicknesses or alternate between up and down styles. You can opt for long and thick twists to be red carpet-ready or short and thin twists for a more understated look.

6. Spring faux locs

Image of a lady with dark hair and a faux locs twist hairstyle.

The queen of protective styles? All you need to do is ask Zendaya, Rihanna, or Ciara and they’d probably say faux locs. Faux locs are a versatile and stylish twist hairstyle that offers the look of traditional locs without the commitment—that’s what we’re after! The temporary locs can be created on textured or relaxed hair, and they’re often styled using synthetic braiding hair. 

Styling tip: We recommend covering your hair with a silk scarf or hair bonnet at night to minimize frizz and keep your style intact.


7. Spring Havana twists

Image of a lady with havana twists hairstyle.

A little thicker than a Marley twist, the Havana twist is an easy protective hairstyle that stands the test of time. Havana Twists is a stylish and chic twist hairstyle that combines effortless charm and queen of sophistication. These twists are created by wrapping hair extensions around your natural hair to create a textured and voluminous strand for every section. Looking for a tropical flair this Spring? You’ve found your look. 

Styling tip: Protect those edges! They are key to keeping this style standing all season long. Experiment with different lengths and thicknesses to create a look that screams your personality.


8. Spring Marley twists

a lady with Marley twists looking into the camera with golden makeup on.

The sister to Havana, Marley may be smaller, but gosh it's mighty. The Marley Twists are a classic twist hairstyle that offers volume, texture, and versatility. These twists are created by twisting kanekalon hair called Marley hair around your natural hair to create a textured and thick strand. Marley twists are the perfect touch of Caribbean-inspired flair to your springtime look.

Styling tip: As usual, experiment with different lengths and thicknesses to create a customized look that suits your style and personality. You can opt for long and thick twists for a dramatic appearance or short and thin twists for a more understated look.


9. Crochet twists

Crochet twists are a convenient and stylish twist hairstyle that offers volume, texture, and versatility, at a cheaper price than most hairstyles. These twists are created by crocheting hair extensions into your natural hair to create a textured and voluminous look, but by using cheaper, synthetic hair that can be wild and wonderful in color. 

Styling tip: Try experimenting with lighter color hair to contrast your complexion and shine bright in the sun. Perfect, spring babe!


10. Sectioned twists

Image of Ciara with her son in the sunshine outdoors, with sectioned twists in an updo.


It’s loved by Ciara, so it’s loved by us. Evolved from a classic hairstyle popularized by Black men in 90s hip hop, sectioned twists are now making moves as chic looks for women. While the style may be reminiscent of icons like the late Pop Smoke or Travis Scott, sectioned twists are here for women's hairstyles in 2024. You can achieve this look by incorporating crochet hair for fluffier twists or opting for your preferred kanekalon to section your hair into four to six evenly distributed parts across your scalp.

Styling tip: Tie it up like Ciara, or wear it down. The limit does not exist with this one, and that’s why we love it.


11. Flat twists

A lady with a flat twist style on her head, with it in a side bun.

A flat twist isn’t for the faint-hearted—in fact, you need your stylist and a calendar empty for the whole day. It may be tiring on those arms when doing it alone, but the results are too good not to mention. Either flat twist your whole scalp into a ponytail, or transform it into a slick back bun—flat twists are perfect for spring as they keep your curls packed away ready for summer and get the ‘clean-girl’ look that’s all over socials. You know? Scraped back hair and kick-ass makeup!

Styling tip: We love twisting the flat twist into a pony and having a permanent pony whether rain or shine. Ariana is trembling at the thought!

Maintenance advice: A hair bonnet for sleeping is NEEDED for this style, so make sure to look after those locks and nourish your scalp, too.


Keep your protective style in good health and the rest will follow


No matter what style you end up choosing for spring, the most important thing is looking after it. If you’re currently suffering from damaged coils, it's best to wait (sigh) a little longer until your hair is in its top-notch condition before getting any installation with extensions. This also always depends on hair type, you know, either kinky or curly, so make sure to discuss with your stylists for the best results. 


This spring, whether you have loose waves or afro curls, we’re all about natural hair and embracing it in its truest form. Curly Gang unite—Spring is here, and we’ve got 11 styles to choose from. Which are you going for?